Luxembourg events for February 2-4

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Source: Danny Howe, Unsplash

Source: Danny Howe, Unsplash

The beginning of February in Luxembourg is quite warm and eventful. The end of the week will bring not only secular but also religious events.

Luxembourg Fishing Show
February 3-4, from 10:00
En, Lu
The Sport Fishing Club of Ettelbruck organizes the first Fishing Exhibition in Luxembourg. Trophies, tackle and equipment will be on display. There will also be the opportunity to talk to local fishermen and find out where the best bite is.
Hall du Deich
4 Rue du Deich, 9012 Ettelbruck
Lack concert in Luxembourg
February 2, 20:30
€15 per person
Dk, En
Want to add a little hardcore to your weekend? Then you'll love the performance of a Danish band that promises to blow up the dance floor at Schungfabrik. The melodic post-hardcore from Copenhagen will be performing tomorrow. Tickets are still available!
14 Rue Pierre Schiltz, 3786 Tétange Kayl, Люксембург
€15 per person
February 2
Candlemas or Liichtmëssdag is celebrated on February 2 in Luxembourg. During the evening, children go from door to door singing songs in exchange for sweets or money. Although the origins of this tradition date back to pre-Christian times, it is closely linked to a religious custom.
Tango and milonga lessons
February 3, 20:00
€15–25 per person
Fr, En
If you've always wanted to learn to dance, don't miss this Saturday workshop. Here you can learn the passionate and sensual tango as well as its closest relative, the more fun and energetic milonga. Both dances are available on the same evening and a package of both courses is cheaper.
5 Av. Marie-Thérèse, 2132 Hollerich Luxembourg
€15–25 per person
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