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Horse riding in Luxembourg

Whether you're just start to explore horse riding in Luxembourg or an experienced rider seeking new adventures, Luxembourg offers an equestrian scene suitable for everyone. In this article, we're not gonna horse around, and will introduce you to some of the best riding schools and stables in Luxembourg.

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Engaging with a community that shares your passion is always beneficial. Two of the largest equestrian communities on Facebook, Flourmaart fir Reider and Verkaaf vun Reitartikelen, allow you to buy and sell second-hand riding gear, look for boarding options, find horses for sale, and get recommendations for vets and farriers.

Riding schools and pony clubs in Luxembourg

Luxembourg boasts a variety of equestrian centers, each offering unique experiences for riders of all levels. Before we dive into specific riding schools, let's review some general aspects regarding the costs of riding lessons. 

The price of lessons varies depending on the stable and the class type. Typically, half-hour sessions range from 20 to 40 euros, while one-hour lessons cost between 30 and 70 euros. Many equestrian centers also offer packages of multiple lessons at discounted rates, making it more economical for regular riders. Beginner classes are usually conducted in groups, although private lessons are often available upon request.

Kandel Frères Equestrian Center
Average prices
Open nowClosed at 20:00.
If you want to practice horse riding in Luxembourg without leaving the capital, Kandel Frères Equestrian Center is your best option. Conveniently located in Strassen, just on the outskirts of the capital and only a 15-minute drive from the city center, this equestrian center is set in an exceptional environment. It is nestled near a large forest and surrounded by 15 hectares of pastures, with close access to 16 kilometers of bridle paths.
61 Chau. Blanche, Strassen
+352 6 21 30 89 08

3 min by car from the Belle Etoile shopping center

Founded in 1980 by Nicolas, Joseph, and Aloyse Kandel, this family-run business has a rich history. Today, it is managed by Léandre and Claude, sons of Nicolas Kandel, who have taken over the reins of the equestrian center in 2002.

With approximately 120 stalls, Kandel Frères is one of the largest stables in the country and offers riders a comprehensive equestrian infrastructure. The center boasts four indoor arenas, one outdoor arena, a covered walker for eight horses with a 16-meter round pen, hot water showers, and two solariums.

Several experienced riding instructors provide lessons in Luxembourgish, German, French, and English. In addition to the riding school, Kandel Frères also accommodates private riders who can board their horses in the extensive facilities.

Baybees Riding School
Average prices
Closed on WednesdaysClosed at 19:00.
Baybees Riding School, located in Canach, is just a 15-minute drive east of the capital. This English-speaking riding school is run by a British expatriate and specializes in equestrian training for children.
Rue Hiel, Canach Lenningen
+352 6 91 88 06 78

2 Min by car from Canach city center

The school provides a fun and safe learning environment for children of all ages, starting as young as 2 years old. Here, kids can learn to ride, explore the world of horses, and enjoy delightful horseback rides.

In addition to regular classes, Baybees Riding School hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as pony sleepover camps, forest rides, and birthday parties. These activities are designed to make horse riding an enjoyable and memorable experience for young riders.

Mcweyer Equestrian Center
Average prices
Closed on MondaysClosed at 19:00.
Located about 20 minutes north of the capital, near Junglinster, Mcweyer Equestrian Center is a premier destination for horseback riding in Luxembourg. The center is managed by Marcel Ewen, a prominent figure in the equestrian world.
1 maison, Weyer Fischbach
+352 6 21 24 48 84 

10 minutes’ drive northwest from Junglinster

Marcel Ewen is a distinguished Luxembourgish rider, whose love for nature and animals was nurtured during his rural childhood with his sister. From a young age, Marcel excelled in local competitions, winning all national titles in the Pony, Young Rider, and Senior categories, along with multiple victories in the "Coupe de Luxembourg."

At 16, Marcel decided to pursue his passion by studying and training at a professional equestrian center in France, where he achieved international victories. His career flourished through experiences with renowned figures like Nelson Pessoa and Roger-Yves Bost. In 2010, he achieved significant results at the CSI**** in Donetsk, and in 2011, he impressed with a third-place finish in the Hamburg Derby.

Since 2006, Marcel Ewen has been a member of the Luxembourg army's sports section, earning the title of vice-world military champion and maintaining his position among the top 200-500 show jumpers worldwide, with victories in CSI-W events and Nations Cups.

The Mcweyer Equestrian Center offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Riding lessons
  • Rider and horse training for competitions
  • Jumping courses for all levels
  • Personalized coaching plans
  • Sale of high-quality sport horses
Individual lessons are priced from 55 to 100 euros for one person
  • 55 euros for half an hour
  • 75 euros with an "International Coach"
  • 100 euros for jumping lessons directly with Marcel Ewen
Reitstall Equinox Lintgen
Average prices
Closed on SundaysClosed at 18:00.
Reitstall Equinox Lintgen, as its name suggests, is located next to Lintgen, about a 20-minute drive north of the capital and not far from the recently discussed Mcweyer Equestrian Center.
201 Rte de Fischbach, Lintgen
+352 6 21 25 73 25

2 min by car from Lintgen city center

Directed by Debora Brüchle, this center offers riding lessons in multiple languages for both beginners and more experienced riders, starting from 5 years old. Additionally, they provide activities and pony club games during school holidays.

For those with busy schedules who can't dedicate their weekends to their passion for horses alone, Reitstall Equinox Lintgen offers weekend courses. These courses consist of 4 training sessions priced at 250 euros per person.

Centre Equestre Bouferterhaff
Average prices
Open dailyClosed at 22:00.
Located west of the capital, just 15 minutes away, Centre Equestre Bouferterhaff is nestled in an incomparable green setting and is recognized by the Luxembourg Equestrian Association, FLSE (Fédération Luxernbourgeoise des Sports Equestres).
Ferme de Beaufort, Bertrange
+352 6 91 19 92 38

2 minutes’ drive from City Concorde shopping center

Established in 1997, Centre Equestre Bouferterhaff originated when the Mangen family decided to transform their farm into an equestrian center. Since then, it has evolved into an impressive success story, with an increasing number of horse owners entrusting their four-legged companions to the competent and caring care of this still-family-run farm.

Furthermore, Bouferterhaff has become a popular meeting point for horse enthusiasts and competitive riders alike. It offers opportunities for training, horseback riding, and engaging in pleasant conversations with fellow horse enthusiasts in a welcoming atmosphere.

For pricing information on the services and amenities offered, it is advisable to contact the establishment directly.

Bricher Päerdsstall
Average prices
Open Tuesday to SundayClosed at 18:00.
Bricher Päerdsstall is located northwest of the capital, approximately half an hour from the city center. This equestrian center is an educational family farm whose fundamental philosophy revolves around learning about horses and other animals. Additionally, the company has a therapeutic focus, offering animal-assisted and horse therapy in individual and group sessions.
15 Am Zeep, Bruch Helperknapp
+352 2 88 44 91

3 min by car from Brouch city center

Viewing itself as a school of life, Bricher Päerdsstall takes its visitors on discovery journeys into nature. They provide regular riding lessons for children and adults starting from 4 years old, as well as farm-themed birthday parties.

Moreover, they offer equine-assisted therapy and animal-assisted therapy for children and adults with special needs, such as autism, ADHD, or movement disorders. These sessions are conducted in both individual and group settings, where riders, guided on horseback, can experience the calming and stimulating rhythm of the animal's movements and perform therapeutic exercises in a safe environment.

Roude Léiw Polo Club
Average prices
Open on wordays and SatudaysClosed at 20:00.
For those seeking more excitement than a simple horseback ride, there's the Roude Léiw Polo Club, a place where you can not only ride horses but also play polo.
Helfent Bertrange
+352 6 21 54 19 38

3 minutes drive from City Concorde shopping center

Established in 2017, the Roude Léiw Polo Club stands as Luxembourg's premier polo club, offering everything related to the sport of polo. Here, you can practice polo and mingle with fellow enthusiasts, many of whom are founding members of the club.

At the club, you can engage in private sessions with one of their coaches or rent a polo pony to join the training sessions. Training sessions are open to players of all ages and experience levels, priced at 80 euros per hour. Additionally, they offer a beginner initiation package consisting of 3 one-hour sessions for a total cost of 200 euros.

Furthermore, the club regularly organizes polo cup events that are open to the public, providing opportunities to watch thrilling polo matches and experience the excitement of this fast-paced sport.

Camping & Bio Farm Toodlermillen
Average prices
Open dailyClosed at 20:00.
Situated a bit farther from the capital than the other equestrian centers we've discussed, Camping & Bio Farm Toodlermillen is located approximately 20 minutes south of Wiltz, in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes.
1 Toodlermillen, Toodler Géisdref
+352 83 91 89

20 minutes south of Wiltz by car

As its name suggests, Camping & Bio Farm Toodlermillen is not just an equestrian center; it's a complex that offers multiple services and engages in various activities. Firstly, they provide camping facilities where visitors can relax alongside the crystal-clear waters of the Sûre River. Additionally, the site has been managing a full-time farm for several generations, cultivating about 70 hectares of land following organic farming guidelines.

However, our main focus here is on the horses. This site offers a somewhat different service compared to other equestrian centers. Instead of traditional riding lessons, they offer horseback riding excursions in the form of organized outings.

These excursions depart directly from the farm, following paths to reach forest trails and beautiful riding routes suitable for trotting, tölt, or galloping. The excursions typically last around 2 hours.

This experience is available only to experienced adult riders. However, children can also enjoy spending time with their four-legged friends by grooming, brushing, and petting the ponies at the farm.

Moreover, Toodlermillen serves as an equestrian hiking station, providing accommodation for both horses and riders covering longer distances on equestrian trails.


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We took photos from these sources: Kandel Frères Equestrian Center, Baybees Riding School Facebook Page, Mcweyer Equestrian Center, Reitstall Equinox Lintgen Facebook page, Centre Equestre Bouferterhaff, Bricher Päerdsstall, Roude Léiw Polo Club, Camping & Bio Farm Toodlermillen, Maksym Tymchyk on Unsplash

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