Luxembourg gets ready for annual car festival

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Luxembourg gets ready for annual car festival

The 59th Auto Festival, hosted by the Federation of Automotive and Mobility Distributors (FEDAMO), will take place this year from Monday, January 23, until Saturday, February 4.

The event is traditionally a place to buy, exchange and choose a new car for Luxembourgers. In advance of the festival, the Ministry of Consumer Protection has reminded prospective buyers of the importance of safety.

Thus, visitors are advised to carefully check the contract before signing, specifying as many details as possible — the sale price, credit terms, delivery dates, indexation conditions, and so on. The Ministry warned that a special commission will be organized at the auto festival, which will inspect the car sellers: special attention will be paid to the proper indication of prices and general terms of sale and trade-in contracts.

The festival will last a remarkable 13 days, after all, in recent years car dealers have faced many problems related to the pandemic, and the economic crisis. But not only.

As RTL points out, «buyers have become more demanding and changed their habits. While sales of internal combustion engine vehicles still prevail, demand for them is declining. And electric cars are not yet in great demand. According to the Automobile Club, the number of new registrations of electric cars has increased from 5.5% to 14.7% in two years».

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