Luxembourg has become one of the best European cities for book lovers

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Luxembourg has become one of the best European cities for book lovers

In a recently published ranking of the best European cities for bookworms, Luxembourg came in second. This is an outstanding result considering the strength of the Grand Duchy's competitors.

TheKnowledgeAcademy study took several factors into account, the most important being the number of libraries and bookstores per capita. Eurostat's statistics on book spending also played an important role.

It turned out that the ideal city for bibliophiles in Europe was Zurich. It scored 9.37 out of 10. It is followed by Luxembourg with 9.3 points.

The top ten European cities include:

  1. Zurich — the best ratio of bookstores and libraries to population;
  2. Luxembourg — a haven for international literature in various languages;
  3. Bratislava — the largest number of libraries in Europe
  4. Reykjavik — the highest ratio of writers to readers per capita in the world;
  5. Kishinev — bookstores have become centers of attraction for wine and board game lovers;
  6. Vienna — where literary cafés originated and are still popular today;
  7. Helsinki — where libraries cleverly combine books with other activities;
  8. Paris — the top performer in bookstore statistics;
  9. Warsaw — the most libraries per capita;
  10. Amsterdam — the center of literary events.

Unfortunately, Luxembourg cannot show the same results in the world ranking of capitals, but this is not surprising. It was competing with megacities such as Tokyo, Berlin, and many others.

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