Luxembourg has the highest income in Europe

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Фото: cottonbro studio, Pixels

Фото: cottonbro studio, Pixels

A recent Eurostat study showed some very impressive data. They are limited to one month — January 2024. But they are already interesting to look at.

According to the data provided, the minimum allowable wage in Luxembourg became the highest in Europe and amounted to 2571 euros. Ireland and the Netherlands are close behind, with minimum wages of 2,146 and 2,070 euros respectively. It is also worth remembering that despite high incomes, Luxembourg remains one of the most expensive countries in which to live.

It is also interesting to note that Luxembourg has one of the lowest average annual growth rates in the period 2014-2024 — "only" 3%. At the same time, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria will grow by 13.3%, 12.3% and 10.6% respectively. Of course, taking into account the difference in minimum income, this increase is less noticeable, but the numbers themselves are eloquent.

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Official statistics are not available for Denmark, Austria, Italy, Finland and Sweden. This is due to the specific legislation of these countries. In Italy, for example, there are agreements between trade unions and companies.

Another interesting fact: the minimum wage in the USA is 1137 euros per month, which is more than twice as low as in Luxembourg.

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Source: Eurostat

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