Luxembourg veterinary service against animal entry

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Luxembourg veterinary service against animal entry

The Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA) is warning residents not to bring animals into the Grand Duchy.

The reason for such measures is quite clear — animals or birds can be carriers of dangerous diseases, the worst of which is rabies. Rabies is an incurable virus that attacks the central nervous system and leads to death in terrible agony. And although there are cases of recovery, they can be called rather unique phenomena, confirming the statement.

99% of human rabies deaths are caused by dogs. They are the most common carriers of the disease, but other animals are also capable of it. Although Luxembourg has been rabies-free since 2001, many other countries still suffer from the disease.

This includes many countries where Luxembourgers like to go on vacation: Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Think twice before bringing a pet from there, even if it is not exotic.

ALVA also reminds you of the overall responsibility when you decide to buy or adopt an animal from a shelter. It's a decision that should be well thought out. It is also the responsibility of the future owners to ensure the health and well-being of the new family member.

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