Most Luxembourgers are satisfied with their quality of life

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Most Luxembourgers are satisfied with their quality of life

According to the results of the spring edition of the Eurobarometer survey, published on 6th June, 63% of respondents in Luxembourg are satisfied with cost of living policies. The survey focused on democracy and elections, perceptions of the European Union and whether the government was doing enough to tackle the rising cost of living.

A total of 26,376 face-to-face interviews were carried out across Europe, including 507 in Luxembourg.

On the basis of the survey, more than 60% of the interviewees are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the measures taken so far to deal with the rising cost of living. This is almost double the European Union average. It's interesting to note that the figures have barely changed since the last survey in the autumn. Last year, 62% of respondents were satisfied, compared with 33% for the EU.

Another important question concerned the war in Ukraine. In the Grand Duchy, 82% of respondents agreed with the Alliance's financial and military support for Ukraine. The EU average was 76%.

Feeling good about the EU

64% of those interviewed in the Grand Duchy say they have a 'positive' image of the European Union, compared with 45% in the European Union average. More people in Luxembourg also have a positive attitude towards the European Parliament (50%) than the EU average (37%).

Luxembourgers are also ahead of the rest of the EU when it comes to the impact of EU decisions on their daily lives. 86% think EU decisions have a great impact on their lives. Meanwhile, the EU average for this question is 71%.

Values and priorities

The people of Luxembourg have also identified the most important values that the European Parliament should defend as a matter of priority. Democracy tops the list (39% of respondents). This is followed by equality between men and women (30%) and freedom of speech and thought (29%).

At the same time, the priorities of the values were different on average in the EU: democracy (37%), the protection of human rights (28%) and freedom of speech and thought (27%).

Moreover, the fight against poverty and social exclusion (39%), action on climate change (38%) and the future of Europe (35%) were the top three priorities that people in Luxembourg would like the European Parliament to address.

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