Mother's Day and other holidays in Luxembourg in June

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Mother's Day and other holidays in Luxembourg in June

Early summer is a busy time in Luxembourgers' lives. They try to get as much done as possible before the long holiday period in August when most of the working population goes on holiday. With three big dates, June is also a busy month.

Children's Day

International Children's Day is not a public holiday in Luxembourg. Therefore, 1 June will not be a public holiday. However, there are likely to be celebrations for the little ones in the city itself and in other communes.

It is possible that the festivities will be postponed until next weekend. The exact schedule is not yet known. We'll continue to keep you updated and will make sure to post any updates on the weekly events digest.

Mother's Day

Each country celebrates this holiday differently. In Luxembourg, it is celebrated on a variable date - the second Sunday in June. This year, Mother's Day falls on the 11th. A holiday on a Sunday is very convenient: you can spend more time with your family and do not have to limit yourself to sending greetings on the phone.

Mother's Day traditions also vary from country to country. In Luxembourg, in addition to the obligatory attention and caring, there is a tradition of giving gifts. Younger children often make their presents at school. Adults are more imaginative, of course, and gifts can take many forms: from a nice souvenir for the house to a gala dinner in an expensive restaurant.

As the holiday falls on a weekend, we should also expect some festive concerts. But the most important thing is still warmth, love, and care.

National Day

Mother's Day and other celebrations in Luxembourg in June will be colorful and memorable, but they can hardly compare with one of the country's most important celebrations, Luxembourg National Day.

It is celebrated on 23 June. Traditionally, it coincides with the birthday of the Grand Duke, although none of the rulers were born on that day. It is worth noting that the festivities begin the day before. On 22 June there is a grand torchlight procession followed by a fireworks display. The festivities go on until the morning.

June 23 is, of course, a public holiday. But this part of the holiday is more official. There is usually a parade and a variety of events and activities for the public.

The parade is followed by a prayer service, and in the evening there are masses and parties. This year there will be an even bigger wave of festivities as 23 June falls on a Friday. A more detailed timetable will be available towards the middle of the month.

There are plenty of other celebrations in the Grand Duchy. Prepare for summertime feasts and autumn festives beforehand with our dedicated article:

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