Museum Day 2023: the best events in the cultural capital

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Museum Day 2023: the best events in the cultural capital

Thirty-seven museums will open their doors to visitors this weekend completely free of charge. The traditional Museum Day will take place on May 20 and 21 throughout the country, giving visitors the opportunity to see the cultural heritage of the Grand Duchy.

This event in Luxembourg is part of International Museum Day, an annual event organized since 1977, bringing together the world museum community.

International Museum Day is becoming increasingly popular, and not just in Luxembourg: last year, more than 37,000 museums from 158 countries participated.

Every year on the third weekend of May, the participating museums organize various events and activities. The purpose of the event is to promote the importance of museums as platforms for cultural exchange and the promotion of understanding, cooperation, and peace.

What to do on Museum Day

In the nation's capital, eight major museums will be available to visitors from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Each of them has prepared a special program, which is available on the website of the Day of Museums, as well as the program for other communes. We will tell you about the most interesting and unique events.

Casino Luxembourg

A photographic workshop on self-portraits (selfies, in modern parlance) will take place at this contemporary art center. In the afternoon, from 2 to 6 p.m., the Casino InfoLab will be transformed into a photo studio with different sets. Using scenographic elements, participants will have the opportunity to tell a personal story and take a photo.

Luxembourg City Museum

One of the most extensive programs of the festival will be presented here: master classes, themed walks and tours, and separate events for children. It's quite difficult to choose one thing, so just come!

Mudam Luxembourg

A chance to see part of an unusual performance built on the emotionlessness and distancing of the actors will present itself to visitors to this museum this weekend. Ligia Lewis will present a new iteration of her work with the frightening title Deader Than Dead.

Musée Dräi Eechelen

A great occasion to practice Luxemburgish. Young spectators will especially enjoy meeting Adam Sigismund von Thungen, commandant of this Luxembourg fort back in the 18th century. A theatrical performance will introduce visitors to the history of the fort this Sunday at 11.

Musée national d’histoire naturelle

An unusual quest awaits you at the National Museum of Natural History this weekend. Test your knowledge of the natural world and learn a lot as you walk around and collect the answers to the entertaining and not-so-simple quiz questions.

Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart

An amazing workshop for the whole family will be held at the National Museum. Experiment with ink and a printing technique called monotype to create fantasy worlds, figures or little monsters with ink. Suitable for children.

Tramway and Bus Museum

On Sunday, the display of miniature trains and streetcars will be joined by real cars. Everyone will be able to look at the historical public facilities that made up the daily life of Luxembourgers in former times.

Villa Vauban

Villa's sprawling park is the perfect place for yoga. Grab your mats and head to the most unusual place to practice. As part of Luxembourg Museum Days, yoga teacher Veronique Scheer will lead a relaxing class for people of all levels. The class will be in English from 10 to 11 a.m. Sunday.

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