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Volunteering in Luxembourg

In this article, we will explore possibilities for volunteering in Luxembourg for those who want to bring change and help people or animals in need.

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There are many volunteer organizations focused on helping a variety of people in Luxembourg. If you decide to become a volunteer, Luxembourg can provide you with a lot of interesting fields of activity. All you need is to choose one (or several) of them and determine the amount of assistance that you personally intend to offer to society.

Though you cannot officially become a volunteer in Luxembourg, because the state does not issue such a status to individuals, you can still work as a volunteer and help people. You will be able to certify your acquired skills with the help of standardized volunteer certificates.

In this article, we will explore possibilities for volunteering in Luxembourg.

Julia M Cameron, Pexels
Julia M Cameron, Pexels

Differences between volunteering and voluntary service in Luxembourg

There are two ways to do volunteer work in Luxembourg: through a volunteer organization or a voluntary service. Organizations of both types provide joint, organized, and gratuitous assistance to people who need it.

🦸 Volunteering

In a classic volunteer organization, you help society regularly in your free time and as long as you want to. Anyone who can and wants to help is able to join a volunteer organization. You can be an ordinary volunteer or lead other volunteers.

🙋🏻 Voluntary service

Voluntary service means temporary work on volunteer projects for young people. If you’re under the age of 30 you can sign a contract with a volunteer service for a period of three to twelve months. During this period, your voluntary service can become your main occupation: you will receive money for housing and pocket expenses. But you will almost certainly not get into a leadership position during this work.

How to become a volunteer in Luxembourg

You can become a volunteer if you meet the following conditions:

you are an official resident of Luxembourg;

you have a full secondary education;

you speak one of the three official languages of the country — German, French or Luxembourgish.

The main thing you need, besides the desire to help, is to figure out when and how much you are willing to help those in need.

If you want to help now and then

Join Easy Volunteer on Facebook. This is a community where volunteers and volunteer organizations find each other for short-term cooperation. You can find volunteering opportunities proposed by associations based in Luxembourg such as Handicap International, Dignity asbl, ASTI.

If you want to help on a regular basis

Visit the section for volunteers on the Bénévolat Luxembourg website. You will find programs with topics of interest to you and with a suitable employment schedule. Or join one of the volunteering organizations in Luxembourg, which we will cover later in the article.

Why do you need a volunteer skills certificate

Some programs are suitable only for experienced volunteers. If you have the necessary experience, you need to confirm it by obtaining a volunteer skills certificate. This is an official document confirming your qualifications.

A certificate also helps certify your experience for the employer: for example, if you did not work in the job needed full-time, but took it as a volunteer and/or received appropriate training. The list of skills in a certificate is unified, so employers can be sure that you know exactly what they need.

There are three types of certificates that you can get in Luxembourg:

the usual universal one, which is simply called “Certificate”;

Commitment certificate — a special certificate for young employees of voluntary services;

international VAE certificate.

Certificate of participation

A certificate of participation can be issued to a volunteer, who is younger than 30 years old and who has completed at least 3 months of volunteering. This certificate must be requested when a volunteer finishes the service or is close to doing so.

To get a certificate, contact the volunteer or educational organization with which you cooperate or have collaborated before, and fill in the special application. The certificate will usually state, what type of service did you do, what skills you gained, the time period of your service and other important information.

The application for a certificate of participation is drawn up in French, and needs to be taken to the organization where you will request the paper. You can download it here.

Commitment certificate

Only young people under 30 can apply for this certificate. You must also have completed at least 400 hours of volunteering or at least three months of continuous full-time voluntary service. This period must include skills training - or you must complete a separate training course of at least 150 hours.

This certificate describes the gained experience, points out the area of interest of the volunteer – and highlights the commitment to helping others.

To apply for a commitment certificate, you need to contact the National Youth Service. The certificate will be signed by the minister of Youth.

Validation of acquired experience (VAE)

The Validation of Acquired Experience certificate process offers people of all ages the opportunity to have their professional expertise or volunteering services for that matter recognized.

If you have at least 5000 hours of experience, whether paid or unpaid and not necessarily continuous, you may be eligible for a VAE certificate.

To initiate the application process for a VAE Certificate, it is recommended that you contact the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. They will provide you with the necessary information and guidance to successfully navigate the VAE process.

Where to volunteer: which organizations help people

Volunteering in Luxembourg not only allows individuals to give back to society but also offers personal growth, the chance to develop new skills, expand social networks, and gain valuable experience. There are several organizations in Luxembourg that help people and offer volunteering opportunities.

Luxembourg Red Cross, Croix Rouge

Red Cross Luxembourg Facebook page
Red Cross Luxembourg Facebook page

Luxembourg branch of the legendary international organization. The Red Cross fights diseases, cares for people with frail health, and helps young people, families, and people in precarious circumstances. In addition to volunteering, you can donate blood, clothes, money and property, as well as bequeath property or offer those in need a place to stay.

❤️ If you want to become a Luxembourg Red Cross volunteer, fill out this online form on their website.

The Luxembourg Red Cross also holds extended-day children's groups, thanks to which your children will have a good time and be cared for during the day. Besides, they also offer scouting for older kids as an extracurricular activity during schooling and summer vacation.

Caritas Foundation

Caritas Facebook Page
Caritas Facebook Page

An international organization that helps vulnerable people, victims of natural disasters and violent conflicts, such as the Ukrainian one. Volunteers choose one of two areas of work: helping refugees specifically or helping other categories of people in need.

Other ways to help include donating money, necessary supplies or offering a place to stay (you can even get rent), bequeathing property and/or money through inheritance. The foundation also cooperates with companies and collects one-time donations as gifts to those in need on special days.

❤️ If you want to join the Caritas Foundation as a volunteer, send them an email, specifying:

your name,

your address,

your mobile phone number,

the reason why you want to help,

which area of work you want to participate in,

on what days and hours you can volunteer.

FAL, Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

Foundation Autism Facebook page
Foundation Autism Facebook page

The foundation helps people with autism spectrum disorder to live a decent life, aiding them in daily communications, getting an education, and a profession. FAL also advises parents of children with ASD on appropriate parenting and treatment.

❤️ If you want to join FAL as a volunteer, fill out this form.

LUkraine, Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg

Anastasiia Krutota, Unsplash
Anastasiia Krutota, Unsplash

A public organization of Ukrainians living in Luxembourg. The community has been functioning since 2014. It provides humanitarian assistance to compatriots and demonstrates Ukrainian culture to Luxembourgers. This foundation is about proactivity: they help refugees, send help and equipment to the warzone, collect money, and help with integration into the new country.

❤️ If you want to join LUkraine ASBL as a volunteer, fill out this form. You can also donate money via their website to help refugees of the war conflict.

RUHelp, Russian Community in Luxembourg

RUHelp website
RUHelp website


Organization of Luxembourg Russians. Its participants help anti-war compatriots to move to Luxembourg. Internally, RUHelp ASBL supports Russian immigrants and Ukrainian refugees. The support includes financial, legal and psychological assistance.

❤️ If you want to join RUHelp ASBL as a volunteer, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


RYSE Luxembourg Facebook page
RYSE Luxembourg Facebook page

This organization's volunteers help young refugees find work and fit into Luxembourg society. We are talking about long-term assistance: RYSE uses a system of individual mentors that offer help continuously.

❤️ Do you want to try yourself as a mentor? Fill out the form on this page.

If you do not plan to fully engage in long-term mentoring, you can share useful skills with RYSE mentees on a one-time basis, such as

language classes in French, Luxembourgish or English;

computer sciences (at any level);

physics and/or mathematics (at the secondary school level).

RYSE also is looking for cooperation in fundraising help, event management, social media promotion and IT help. Besides, the organization is also always open for collaborations with other companies, and looking for internships for its mentees. And of course, the organization accepts donations.

Femmes en Détresse

Femmes en Detresse Facebook Page
Femmes en Detresse Facebook Page

The organization helps women who have suffered and are suffering from violence. Luxembourg is a relatively safe country. Still, victims of violence are in need of various kinds of help.

The employees of FED help advise women, and financially support them, including providing social housing in a shelter, representing their legal interests in case of need for such representation and helping them integrate into society.

❤️ FED ASBL is not looking for volunteers, but you can get a job or an internship with them. Here is a list of open vacancies.

Stëmm vun der Strooss

Stemm Facebook Page
Stemm Facebook Page

A social organization that helps those in need, including, but not limited to homeless people, welfare recipients, immigrants, asylum seekers, ex-prisoners, people suffering from mental disorders and addictions, and the unemployed. Stemm vun der Strooss gives food, clothing, laundry services, medical advice, social support, and assistance with housing.

❤️ The job of volunteers is to visit people, provide support, and help with catering and events. If you want and are ready to do this, submit an application through the form at the bottom of the main page of the organization's website.

Screenshot from the Stemm Website
Screenshot from the Stemm Website

The organization offers other ways for you to help people in need too. When you are not able to volunteer on a regular basis, you still can:

send a one-time donation,

become a member and pay a monthly fee,

donate clothes,

donate goods produced by your company,

provide your professional services for free.

Serve the City

Serve the City Facebook page
Serve the City Facebook page

Serve the City organizes volunteer projects to help those in need and better the urban environment. The organization adheres to the principle of “doing small things”, which means that volunteers provide assistance through simple actions.

Right now there are seven volunteer projects running:

communicating with the homeless people and cooking food for them,

film screenings in shelters,

makeup and manicure from volunteers for low-income women,

joint creative ventures for professional artists and socially vulnerable people,

joint football matches for volunteers and residents of a shelter,

a big spring street clean-up,

helping shelter residents practice speaking in Luxembourg’s official languages.

The organization is ready to launch a new project if you propose a promising idea and a roadmap to implement it.

Currently, the organization Serve the City offers two levels of volunteering:

Volunteering for beginners with any workload, up to several hours per year;

Leadership positions for experienced and proven team members.


Tricentenaire Facebook Page
Tricentenaire Facebook Page

An institution for people with disabilities that strives to make their lives as comfortable as possible. The organization's volunteers consult people with disabilities and/or accompany them on their travels. Also, a volunteer can take care of one particular guest for some time. There are plenty of responsibilities and ways to help, including providing

proper care,

psychological and social support,

affordable education and work,

sports and organized leisure,

communication and socialization.

❤️ To become a volunteer, contact the coordinator via email.

How to help animals and nature in Luxembourg

Of course, volunteers help not only people but also animals and the environment. In this case, you may be interested in helping animal shelters and animal protection organizations. There are a lot of places in the country, where people can help animals by donating money or even walking them in their free time.

Since we are talking about nature, here’s our article on how to properly recycle and dispose of garbage in Luxembourg. It is an important step in responsible living in Luxembourg.


natur&emwelt Facebook page
natur&emwelt Facebook page

Natur&ëmwelt owns 1,500 hectares of conservation land where the organization restores the environment. The staff rehabilitates wild animals, monitors the conservation of plant, animal and bird populations, especially endangered ones, collects scientific data, and conducts research.

Find out more about the Luxembourg environment and climate in our special dedicated article.

natur&ëmwelt also conducts educational activities, informs, advises and trains people, and cooperates with politicians and managers at the local, national and international levels.

❤️ To become a natur&ëmwelt volunteer, fill out this online form.

Greenpeace Luxembourg

Markus Spiske, Unsplash
Markus Spiske, Unsplash

On behalf of nature itself, Greenpeace influences politicians and large corporations, fights climate change, pollution of the planet, disposable plastic, animal cruelty, and so on.

Greenpeace Luxembourg meets once a month, discusses topical issues, and plans activities. You can offer your project or help with the implementation of an already approved one. As an aid, you can photograph or edit videos and graphics, write articles or promote campaigns in social networks, educate Luxembourg residents at information stands, and participate in public actions and events.

❤️ To become a Greenpeace volunteer, fill out the form on the website.

Animal shelters in Luxembourg

You may be interested in the role of an animal shelter volunteer. Luxembourg has many communities providing safe places for abandoned, lost, and injured animals. This is not surprising at all, given how Luxembourgers treat animals.

Asile Dudelange

In the animal shelter in Dudelange, you can take a dog or cat for upbringing, or you can hand over your pets for care. If you have lost your pet, you can publish a search ad on the shelter's website. Information about all found animals is also published on the website.

The shelter's volunteers take care of the animals, feed them, give them medicine and pet them. Dogs do not need to be walked — the shelter has large fenced enclosures where animals can run and play freely.

❤️ In order to become a volunteer at the shelter in Dudelange, send your CV and cover letter to the organization's email address.

Sepa, Escher Déierenasyl

Sepa is an animal shelter in the municipality of Esch. Dogs and cats live here until they are taken in by a new family. Garage sales and a dumpling festival are held in the commune, and donations collected at the events go to the shelter fund.

There are multiple ways to support and make a difference here. You can:

take a pet from a shelter,

support the animals with money.

volunteer, like helping to walk the dogs.

🐶 Walks take place from 1 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. To walk a dog, you need to make an appointment in advance. To do so, you can call by phone or write an email.

Déierenasyl in Kockelscheuer

Luxembourg's oldest shelter for cats and dogs Deierenasyl helps homeless animals, takes care of them, finds new owners for them, and carefully ensures that the new owners love their pet and provide it with a decent life.

🐶 If you are 18 years old, you can become a shelter volunteer. You will be able to walk dogs every day, except Sundays and holidays, from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

It is not possible to book a dog in advance. To take a shelter dog for a walk, register at the reception in the shelter. The rules of the walk will be explained to you and you’ll be given a personal pass — the so-called promeneur card.

Where else are volunteers needed

Volunteers in Luxembourg can provide more than basic help and assist people in more complex activities. Perhaps these activities will suit you more if you want to help in more complex domains and solve different problems.

⚽️ Volunteering in the sports domain with Sportunity

Sportunity unites migrants, refugees and local residents of Luxembourg through sport. The organization conducts free training sessions in refugee centers and public places. Their coaches are world-class athletes.

The organization needs volunteers with the following skills:

sports coach,



anyone willing to help with loading and unloading of sports equipment.

❤️ To become a Sportunity volunteer, fill out this questionnaire.

📱 Digital Inclusion volunteering in Luxembourg

Digital Inclusion has stated to be working on several social missions:

to make digital communication and technology accessible to everyone;

to help people communicate, learn and create through a computer;

repair and reuse old digital equipment to reduce environmental damage.

If you are a refugee or live on government aid and low income, you yourself can request a free used computer from the organization. You can find all the instructions on the website of the organization.

There are two ways to become a volunteer for the organization:

Through a volunteer training program to repair used computers. To sign up for classes, send your name and CAS/matricule number to

Through a general program as a driver who owns a car, translator, computer science or programming teacher. If you have one of the listed professions and wish to donate your labor, send your CV and cover letter to

⚖️ Human Rights volunteering with Amnesty International

A large branch of the international human rights organization Amnesty International operates in Luxembourg. More than 400 participants help people whose rights have been violated and investigate similar cases around the world.

❤️ If you want to join Amnesty International as a volunteer, fill out this form.

To support the organization, you can also:

donate money to them;

buy products with the Amnesty International logo;

subscribe to the newsletter about urgent actions that you can quickly take using your smartphone.

Where to donate money: charitable organizations in Luxembourg

When it comes to charity and good deeds, not everyone can find time to volunteer and take part in activities. But everyone can still donate and help in other ways. Financial support is essential for the existence of foundations and charities.

There are a lot of trustworthy organizations in Luxembourg, that accept donations for a great cause. Though it does not make you feel as good, as participating in the community, walking dogs from shelters, or even helping to plan the awareness campaign, it's important to still do some part. Usually, such organizations are looking for donations and coverage in the media and social networks too, so share and follow, and bring awareness.

Katt Yukawa, Unsplash
Katt Yukawa, Unsplash

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Foundation

Address: 8, An der Sang, 7739 Colmar, Luxembourg

Phone: (+352) 31 70 31 1


The Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse helps people in need in Luxembourg and beyond. If the foundation's employees cannot help, they redirect people to the appropriate organizations. The foundation helps victims of sexual violence: the Grand Duchess participated in the creation of SEMA — Global Network of Victims and Survivors to End Wartime Sexual Violence.

❤️ You can make your donations on this page.

Luxembourg Cancer Foundation

A Luxembourg-based organization whose members help people diagnosed with cancer. The foundation spends part of its donations on scientific research that will help reduce the harm from cancer or even defeat this disease completely.

❤️ The foundation accepts one-time and regular donations.

L’Association nationale des Victimes de la Route

National Association of Victims of Traffic Accidents helps people, who suffered on the roads of Grand Duchy. Employees provide free assistance to victims of accidents, which includes:

psychological support for victims, their loved ones and witnesses of tragedies;

administrative and legal support (insurance, labor restrictions, interaction with government agencies, and so on);

assistance in reintegration into society, including the search for feasible work.

AVR employees also conduct public lectures with the participation of accident victims to teach drivers how to avoid accidents.

❤️ The only assistance that you can provide to AVR is joining the organization and paying an annual membership fee of 25 euros. You can apply on this page.

Lëtz Rise Up

A public organization created to fight against all types of discrimination. Participants change public attitudes by organizing events: rallies, lectures, conferences, thematic exhibitions, and so on.

❤️ The only assistance that Lëtz Rise Up accepts is an annual membership fee of 30 euros. You can apply on this page.


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