Outdoor public pool in Grevenmacher closes in early September

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Outdoor public pool in Grevenmacher closes in early September

As an energy-saving measure, the Grevenmacher authorities have decided to close the city’s outdoor public pool on the evening of September 9. It was previously assumed that the pool would continue would continue working until the end of the first autumn month.

How much energy will this solution save? Experts suggest that in this way the city will save 17,138 cubic meters of gas (annual heating for 5 households), 37,800 kilowatt-hours (annual lighting for 10 households) and 2,880 cubic meters of water (annual consumption of 19 households).

The outdoor pool is not the only “victim” of energy-saving measures. The city also plans to:

  • Switch off outdoor lighting for public buildings and monuments after 10 pm.
  • Disable all decorative ground lighting.
  • Completely switch street lights to LED lamps.
  • Reduce the brightness of street lighting at night by 60%.
  • Optimize the heating systems of public buildings.

The public swimming pool in Luxembourg’s Bonnevoie district will also close soon. From August 22 to September 11, it will undergo renovation.

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