Petitions in Luxembourg. What citizens are worried about

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Petitions in Luxembourg. What citizens are worried about

Luxembourgers are active members of society. They regularly send petitions to the government with proposals to improve life in the country. Let's take a look at the most recent ones.

Compulsory breaks at work

Sedentary lifestyles and remote working have a negative impact on our well-being. The author of the petition proposes the formalisation of a 5-minute break after each hour of work. During this time, it is suggested to do small warm-ups, which will help to improve blood circulation and prevent problems with the body's muscles and joints. It also helps to concentrate.

Tax reform

The complicated tax bracket system is one of Luxembourg's most notorious problems. This petition asks to review the tax structure itself to make it clearer and fairer. In particular, the petitioner believes that up-front tax payments, together with inflation, act as a major impediment to people making housing plans.

Mortgage rate reduction

Speaking of housing: the rising interest rates on loans due to inflation cannot be overlooked. The aim of this petition is to limit the maximum mortgage rate to 2%. This applies to first homes, i.e. a person's first property. According to the petitioner, this would help solve the chronic housing shortage in Luxembourg. It would also help construction companies to continue earning money. The number of loans granted has now fallen sharply.

Compulsory wearing of a helmet

The rapid growth in the use of bicycles and e-scooters brings us to the issue of safety. It is important to ensure that cycling is safe as a country that promotes environmentally friendly transport. In the event of an accident, a helmet will help to minimise health damage. The petitioner also suggests that head protection should be compulsory for all forms of transport other than cars, buses and lorries.

Tik Tok ban

The popular social network is again getting criticised. A petition is proposing a total ban in Luxembourg. Following the publication of a video of a girl being harassed in the street, discontent has grown. The author also claims that this social network encourages bullying. It is responsible for a growing number of suicides.

This is not the first complaint against the Chinese platform. Similar petitions began appearing last year, but have yet to reach a quorum.

All petitions are available on the official website. In order to vote, you will need to provide your contact details as well as your personal details. In addition, it is only possible to vote with a Luxembourg identity card, so petitions are not available to citizens of other countries or tourists.

Petition handling procedure:

  1. The petition is created on the website. After moderation, it becomes public;
  2. It is open for 42 days;
  3. A minimum of 4,500 signatures must be collected during this period. The petition is then submitted to Parliament;
  4. The parliament examines the petition and analyses the possibility and feasibility of the petition's implementation.
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