How can you relocate to Luxembourg with your child

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Travelling abroad with a child usually requires you to bring the same documents as for an adult, plus some additional ones. Luxembourg is no exception. To travel to the Grand Duchy, you will need a passport, several certified documents, and/or agreements, depending on the specific situation.

Travelling with a child under 6 years of age

To cross the border with a preschool child, you should prepare the following documentation:

The child’s passport (if they have one), or a parent’s passport, if the child is included.

Two colour photographs of your child that meet the requirements.

Birth certificate (both the original and a certified true copy). The parent can keep the original while the copy will be submitted to the migration department.

Proof of employment letter and a bank statement of at least one parent to confirm sponsorship status.

Adult: a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination may be required, although the requirement to provide one has been officially abolished..

Modern biometric passports do not include a section for adding children. However, this kind of document can be issued for a child from birth and used as a regular ID document.

Travelling with a child aged 6-14

When travelling with primary school aged children, the documents required will be the same as above, but the following additional documents will also be required:

Certificate from the child’s school. It should be printed on the official letterhead of the educational institution and should include the child’s full name, class (or course), and study duration. In addition, ensure that the document contains the exact address of the school/college/university, contact details, phone numbers, the institution seal, and the head’s signature.

Children aged 12-14 may be asked for a vaccination certificate, although the requirement to provide one has been officially abolished.

Travelling with a child over 14 years of age

This kind of trip is different because the child, as a fully-legal citizen of the Russian Federation, will have their own passport. Therefore, they will be required to bring the original passport with them, while a copy should be attached to the bundle of documents.

A child travelling with only one parent or guardian

In this case, you should prepare the following additional documents:

Notarised consent for a child to leave the country from the parent staying in the country.

Copy of the parent’s passport.

Information about the person accompanying the child should be included in the parent’s proof of consent for the child to leave the country. The guardian’s full name, passport data, and contact details should be indicated here.

If a child is accompanied by a third party, then consent and passport copies are required from both parents.

The official guardians or step-parents should handle the paperwork if both parents are deceased.

A child is planning to study in Luxembourg

Newly arrived children usually enrol in the same class they were attending in Russia. However, to apply to a local school, you are required to prepare:

A copy of the academic report for the last 2 years.

If you don’t have the academic report, then an attendance letter signed by your school principal.

A fee of 75 euros is required if the child is older than 12 years. This requirement does not apply to children of elementary school level in Luxembourg (ages 4-12).

Paying the fee does not guarantee admission to the school! Each case is reviewed individually.

If possible, request a medical card from the school and bring your diplomas and certificates with you: these documents may be useful when you enrol in a Luxembourg school.

How to obtain Luxembourg citizenship for a child

Obtaining citizenship is a tough process. The Grand Duchy does not have a «law of the soil,» so even children born here are not automatically recognised as citizens.

A child has a right to obtain a local passport if:

One of their parents is a Luxembourg citizen

The child was adopted

For a parent to obtain citizen status, at least 5 years should have passed since entering the country. Also, the applicant should have a good reputation and have no criminal record in the country or abroad.

The five-year requirement may be reduced for specific categories, particularly for refugees.

How to obtain citizenship in Luxembourg
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