RGTR buses — full-fledged alternative for cars

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RGTR buses — full-fledged alternative for cars

RGTR serves almost every settlement in the Grand Duchy. The bus network operates 7 days a week: Monday to Saturday from 5:00 to 23:00. Sunday and holidays — from 6:00 to 22:00. The schedule can be viewed on the RGTR website or at

In July this year, a new bus numbering system was introduced. This bus network should become a full-fledged alternative to cars. It’s closely connected with other operators’ routes — the railway network, tram, etc. This is done for maximum passenger comfort during transfers.

François Bausch commented: “We mustn’t forget that the bus network is not a taxi. We try to satisfy the majority of passengers. Of course, there will always be those dissatisfied with the level of transport accessibility that exists in their region of residence. We will never be 100% satisfied, as it is not possible with buses alone.” For this reason, the bus should be as well connected as possible to other modes of transport.

You can download a map of the new national bus network or order a printed version on the RGTR website.

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