Stroossemaart grand opening, Bettel's greens and Luxembourg's first market: a Saturday tour

Today, May 13, 2023, an unusual event takes place in Luxembourg: the traditional city market Stroossemaart, organized by the Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the authorities. More than 100 tents will appear in the city center. Luxtoday explains what you can find there.

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A true urban feast will attract thousands of visitors who will be able to stroll the streets of the capital and enjoy the rich selection of goods. Fresh local fruits and vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, flowers and many other items will be available for purchase from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the main square in the city center, 42 Place Guillaume II.

Our readers have shared that even Xavier Bettel can be found at the market. Today, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg sells greenery, basil, coriander and other herbs in pots!

Several streets from the center to the train station will be designated for shoppers and vendors. The cheerful atmosphere of the festival will be complemented by various activities and the opportunity to eat on site. Stroossemaart provides the perfect opportunity for Luxembourg residents and visitors to spend a day off, strolling through the streets and enjoying fresh produce, a pre-determined city and sunny weather.

Where else can you buy organic products in Luxembourg, and what other markets there are in the city? Read in our article:

What other unusual markets there are in Luxembourg

In addition to the Stroossemaart, there are several markets in Luxembourg where you can buy fresh products from local Luxembourg producers, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. Many of them are steeped in history!

One of the most popular markets is the Marché aux Poissons (Fish Market), located on the promenade of the Petrusse. The economic and social life of the first inhabitants of the city took place in the narrow streets around the Fish Market, formerly known as the Old Market or the Cheese Market. The buildings that line the square are of particular historical value. At this market you can buy fresh fish and seafood, as well as various types of cheese and wine.

Another popular and very unusual market is called Glaasismaart. Located on Glacis Parking, it is a weekly city market that is unique in that you can find almost all kinds of goods in one place. These include vegetables, fruit and local farm produce – somewhat mysterious bottles of various oils, wines, honey – as well as a flea market with a variety of strange gizmos that can only be found here.

Luxembourg also has markets several times a year, including Christmas markets and fairs at different times of the year, where you can find local souvenirs, crafts and other unique products.