The Mullerthal Trail of Little Switzerland offers hiking tours

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The Mullerthal Trail of Little Switzerland offers hiking tours

The Mullerthal is one of the most popular regions for hiking, and the term "Mullerthal Trail" is familiar to every outdoor enthusiast. Here are some of the most beautiful and interesting routes.

The Mullerthal Trail is a group of three circular trails, each of which introduces the traveler to history and majestic nature. If you want to see it all, do all three.

Keep in mind that hiking requires stamina and preparation. Don't be surprised if you need to rest after the first trail. This is normal as each trail is more than 35 kilometers long!

  1. Trail 1

    The advantage of this route is its nature. Walking along it you can enjoy beautiful views of the Sur Valley, rocky cliffs, forests, and the sun breaking through the trees.

    Difficulty: medium

    Trail length: 37.2 km

  2. Trail 2

    This road is no less enchanting than the first. It takes you through the heart of Little Switzerland. You will see cliffs, gorges, and of course one of Europe's most famous waterfalls, the Schéissendëmpel. Its three-channel is the region's trademark.

    Trail difficulty: medium

    Trail length: 40.2 km

  3. Trail 3

    Last but not least, the trail passes through the historical sites of Luxembourg. Here you can visit the castles of Larochette and Beaufort. The route is a wonderful combination of nature and architecture. Great for those looking for a new experience.

    Difficulty: medium

    Trail length: 38,1 km

Each of the three routes can be divided into two days. There are hotels and guesthouses along the way where you can rest and sleep. However, it is better to book rooms in advance: during the tourist season, large groups pass through here, which can easily fill a small hotel.

For better navigation, you can use the official route maps.

Safety is also very important. Choose sturdy shoes, ideally with ankle protection. Clothing should also be appropriate for the weather. Sometimes the trails in the Mullerthal are closed due to forestry work or bad weather. This should also be taken into consideration when preparing for a hike.

If hiking alone is not for you, you can always sign up for a guided tour, which will take you to the best places and give you interesting details.

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