Twelve big street dinners held at Luxembourg»s most beautiful tourist spots

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Twelve big street dinners held at Luxembourg»s most beautiful tourist spots

The first two already took place last weekend, July 23-24, in the Three Acorns Park. Don’t miss out on the ten dinners yet to come!

Dinners are hosted by Luxembourg’s General Directorate for Tourism. The project was dubbed Vakanz geneissen — «enjoy your vacation».

The bottom line is simple. In a tourist spot worth visiting, the tourism department organizes a banquet table for 100 people. Famous local chefs prepare something special from the local cuisine for guests. After the meal, there are guided tours or free walks. You will have to pay several tens to hundreds of euros for the dinners themselves. But visiting tourist spots and participating in some of the excursions is free.

Here are five locations for future dinners:

  1. Little Switzerland, a forest near Breechkaul amphitheatre. You can visit the amphitheatre itself and take a walk along the hiking trails. Dates: July 30-31.
  2. Vineyards on the banks of the Moselle River. Free guided tour of the Nature and Forest Biodiversity Center and the Huff Reimeh Nature Reserve. Dates: August 6–7.
  3. Gutland, Parc de la Europa. A botanical garden and a playground are available. Dates: August 13–14.
  4. Wiltz Castle in Essling. After dinner the participants are welcome to visit the National Brewery Museum, the Museum of the Leather Industry and the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge. Visitors will also get a tour of a brewery as a part of the Wiltz festival. Dates: August 20-21.
  5. Minette, Fondouk Hall, the former industrial building. This year the city of Esch-sur-Alzette has become one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Dates: August 27-28.

Learn more and book your seats at the event’s website.

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