Two new reactors in Cattenom, what are the risks?

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Two new reactors in Cattenom, what are the risks?

On Friday, January 13, the mayor of Cattenom, France, Bernard Zenner emphasized his intention to install two new generation reactors at the Moselle nuclear power plant. He urged Grand Est officials to unite for this goal.

This is not the first time that Cattenome, located about 20 kilometers from the border with Luxembourg, has raised concerns for the Grand Duchy.

At the moment, only reactors №2 and №4 are operating. As we wrote earlier, in April 2022 there were traces of cracks a few millimeters long in the welds of the emergency cooling system pipes on reactors №1 and №3. Both reactors are to be repaired and restarted on February 26, 2023.

French authorities are not currently planning to install any new ERP reactors in Moselle. Earlier, Greenpeace criticized Cattennom for an irresponsible approach to the organization of the nuclear power plant.

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