Two-week long queues for winter tires in Luxembourg

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Two-week long queues for winter tires in Luxembourg

Winter’s approaching, and Luxembourgers in need of winter tires are already lining up in car salons. Salon owners warn of one to two week queues before the appointment. Prices for the service are also rising.

The influx of customers was confirmed by the Goedert and Autopolis salons. At each Autopolis joint, 8 people are working full-time just changing tires for customers. And the owner of the salons plans to hire 3-4 more people for each of those teams, as well as an additional valet.

Tire prices have risen by up to 20%, the specific figure depends on the tire manufacturer. Salons attribute most of this growth (~15%) to higher prices for raw materials and transportation.

There is no fixed date in the Grand Duchy when winter tires become mandatory. It varies depending on how quickly the cold weather arrives. But any driver’s non-compliance will cost a hefty fine of 74 euros.

The best strategy in such a situation is not to wait for real cold weather and prepare in advance. This is known throughout the country. That is why such huge queues appear every year.

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