Healthcare in Luxembourg

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The Grand Duchy seems to spend very little on health care. Thus, Luxembourg is ranked 114th in terms of GDP spending on it, which means 5.5%.

But here is an irony. If you look at the 2022 Bloomberg Global Health Index, Luxembourg ranks 11th among the healthiest countries.

Moreover, in Luxembourg, the average value of spending per capita comes to $5813 for 20 years (from 2000 to 2019).

Why Are the Bloomberg Global Health Index Data Significant?

The ranking is based on data from WHO, the UN Population Division and the World Bank and covers 169 countries.

The result is composed of a set of figures. It considers life expectancy, access to clean water and health care, anti-smoking and anti-obesity measures and the environment.

Thus, the quality of the health care services provided in the Grand Duchy is the highest. All citizens have free access to the public health system. It includes public health centers and hospitals, pharmacies, patient care services. You can ask for help in private medical offices. Also, they are overwhelmingly accredited by the National Health Fund (CNS).

What Makes the Health-Care System So Effective

There are many reasons for this. Let us tell you about only the most significant ones.

In Luxembourg, everyone pays health insurance fees to the National Health Fund, including employees, employers, and self-employed persons. Even pensioners and the unemployed pay fees from their benefits. And these payments are transferred to CNS. They come to 80–90% of the total healthcare expenses. Medical assistance is accessible – on average, residents have to pay up to 20% per therapist and up to 20% for prescription drugs.

National health insurance covers a wide range of medical treatments, from tests and prescription drugs to prostheses, transplants and psychiatric treatment.

Patients are free to choose their doctor and hospital. The healthcare insurance system also provides for this. You can find a specialist on the website for finding doctors.

Children are provided with medical care under their parents’ or guardians’ insurance. And this is so until the child is 29.

Primary health care in Luxembourg is provided by private doctors, the majority of whom work individually in their offices.

There is a well-developed network of physicians accredited by CNS. But before treatment, the patient must make sure that the doctor works as part of the national healthcare program. Otherwise, you can spend extra money on treatment.

The Ministry of Health schedules the work of the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors, and co-finances national health programs.

The Ministry of Social Welfare monitors the quality of healthcare services financed by the state.

Care of Women’s Health

All major hospitals in the Grand Duchy have a maternity ward, a department of obstetrics and gynecology.

Monitoring and Giving Birth

A woman can get advice from the following specialists:

a physician,

a gynecologist,

a specialist in the maternity welfare center,

at the family health center and family planning centers.

You can choose a gynecologist at the Medecins Specialistes.

If a woman is going to give birth for the first time, she will be advised not to give birth at home. Under Luxembourg law, obstetricians must not deliver babies at home when it is the first child. However, these restriction does not apply to subsequent births, and you can rely on an obstetrician’s expert assistance.


Most of the costs for pregnancy are covered by national health insurance. But the insurance does not cover home births.

The CHL Central Hospital even allows giving waterbirths. There is a special room in the maternity ward.

Moreover, expectant mothers can enroll in courses for pregnant women. They will be taught the basics of childcare and prepared for childbirth there.

Emergency for Pregnant Women

There are at least two clinics for emergency medical care for pregnant women.

MATERNITÉ 2, rue Federspiel, L-1512 Luxembourg Gynecology: +352 4411-11 Obstetrics: +352 4411-3204

KLINIK BOHLER 5, rue Edward Steichen, L-2540 Luxembourg +352263331

Postpartum Care

Mothers and babies are usually discharged from hospitals after three days. However, if the birth was an outpatient or the new mother wants to be discharged, she can be released earlier. The newborns and their parents are entitled to the obstetrician’s assistance. The assistance is a minimum of 3 doctor’s visits.

When the birth certificate is brought to the maternity ward, a woman is discharged. It is usually received by the father. To obtain the document, the baby must be registered. This generally takes three days after the birth. However, this period is determined by the maternity hospital, which discharges the mother and her baby.


The law prohibits carrying babies in arms. Before the discharge from the maternity hospital, the staff will clarify how you will carry your baby and whether you have a special chair for it.


Emergency contraception is available with no prescription.

Artificial termination of pregnancy is allowed on medical indications. Or within 12 weeks after conception. After this period, you can have the abortion only if doctors determine a danger to the mother or fetus.

Care of Children’s Health

Children under 29 are covered by the insurance plan of their parents who make payments. Since the age of 30, co-insurance can be available only if CNS permits this and if the child goes into higher education.

Parents can choose a pediatrician themselves. You can find the specialist on the doctena website.


It is not necessary to vaccinate children. But you can vaccinate a child free of charge against hepatitis B, rubella, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, tetanus, mumps and measles.

You can call a doctor for a home visit. But you should keep in mind that doctors visit patients only at certain times of the day.

Emergency Services for Children Under 14

You can get emergency medical help in children’s hospitals. They take care of both babies and children of any other age, up to 14.

HÔPITAUX ROBERT SCHUMAN 5, rue Edward Steichen L-2540 Luxembourg Emergency calls: +35224685540

KANNER KLINIK 4, rue Ernest Barblé L-1210 Luxembourg Emergency calls: +352 4411-6148

How the Health-Care Portal Works

The Portal of the Ministry of Health makes medical care more accessible to the country. It helps to find skilled experts and provides important information on health matters.

The website offers materials that can be useful to persons who care about their well-being.

the directory of medical specialists;

information on the authorization of doctors and other healthcare workers;

reports on relevant health issues;

various medical publications;

healthcare news and an events calendar;

information on diseases, medical tests and procedures;

data on reimbursement of healthcare costs;

healthcare laws;

campaigns of the Ministry of Health and advice on health promotion and disease prevention.

Emergency Aid for Adults

You can find the addresses of the emergency centers on the portal. Here are just some of them.

​Luxembourg, CENTRE HOSPITALIER DE LUXEMBOURG (CHL) 4, rue Ernest Barblé L-1210 Luxembourg (+352) 44 11 11 Emergency calls: 4411-2132

Luxembourg, HÔPITAL KIRCHBERG 9, rue Edward Steichen L-2540 Luxembourg Emergency calls: +35224681

Ettelbruck, CENTRE HOSPITALIER DU NORD ETTELBRUCK 120, avenue Salentiny L-9080 Ettelbruck +352 8166-1

Dudelange, POLICLINIQUE DUDELANGE Rue de l’Hôpital L-3488 Dudelange +352 57 11-1 Emergency calls: 5711 73400

How Health Care Is Provided on Weekends and Holidays

If you get sick on weekends, you will definitely get help. The Grand Duchy has created maisons medicales for this. These are dedicated centers that provide non-emergency treatment when other medical offices are closed.

If you need emergency aid, you should call an ambulance (112). In case of general ailments, you can get help from maisons medicales from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

There are three such health-care centers in the Grand Duchy:

In Luxembourg. Address: 59 Rue Michel Welter, L-2730

In Esch-sur-Alzette. Address: 70 Rue Emily Mayrisch, L-4240

In Ettelbruck. Address: 110 Lucien Avenue Salentiny, L-9080


Hospitals in Luxembourg are easy to find: you can see the letter H on a blue background on the building’s face. The list of clinics and hospitals.You can identify a pharmacy by the green cross. Their open hours are scheduled like those of stores, but there is always a duty pharmacist on weekends and after hours. They are responsible for dispensing drugs, so they may ask about symptoms even if you have a prescription from a doctor. The map of duty pharmacies.

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