Where to buy a Christmas tree in Luxembourg and how to dispose of it afterwards

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Where to buy a Christmas tree in Luxembourg and how to dispose of it afterwards

December starts this Friday, so there is almost no time left to prepare for Christmas and New Year. But there is no need to panic because we have gathered all the necessary information about where to get a festive fir tree and what to do with it after the holidays.

Where to buy a Christmas tree

The tree sales centers opened on November 24. They will be open until December 24. In total, there are 5 places in the capital where you can buy a tree grown especially for the holiday:

  • Place Jean Heinisch / Rue du Fort Elisabeth;
  • Place Léon XIII, Bonnevoie;
  • Glacis;
  • Merl Park;
  • Boulevard P Dupong

The building supply store option is also available. Choose the one that suits you best.

How to dispose of a tree

When January arrives, the question is what to do with a withered tree that has had all of its decorations removed.

Oddly enough, the best solution is to leave the tree outside. Yes, in Luxembourg, with its strict garbage disposal, this is exactly what you should do. You don't have to put it in a container: it's enough to place it neatly next to the house.

Keep in mind that trees that are taller than 2 meters will need to be cut in half.

Unnecessary trees will be removed on a weekly basis. Special services will pick up your tree and determine its fate:

  • If the tree is clean, with no decorations and no traces of paint/aerosol, it will be picked up and sent to compost.
  • Trees that have been painted or discarded with decorations will be disposed of as regular household trash.

If you decide to buy an artificial Christmas tree

If you don't mind the smell of pine resin or the feel of the needles, then by all means go for it. Artificial fir trees have many advantages over the real thing. Firstly, durability. A good Christmas tree will last more than a year, and you don't have to guess when to take the dried tree to the recycler — just box it up and put it in the closet until next year.

Artificial Christmas trees are not uncommon. You can find them in literally any supermarket. The price depends on the manufacturer and retailer, but the average is around 100 euros.

Can you rent a Christmas tree

In Luxembourg, there is a special service for renting live trees from Bamschoul Becker. The essence is simple: you agree on the conditions for which you need a tree and get it for a fixed price.

On the agreed day, the fluffy beauty is delivered to your home, and on the agreed day in January, you simply pick it up with the pot. All you have to do is take the plant outside and leave it in an accessible place.

Members of the Luxtoday community report good reviews of the service and recommend using it:

You can come at the end of November to choose a live potted Christmas tree, it will be delivered to your home on a day of your choice and then on a separate day in January they will come to collect it.

This option is great for those who want a live tree for the holidays but does not encourage cutting.

If you're thinking about where to buy decorations or how to spend the holidays, check out our article on celebrating Christmas in Luxembourg.

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