Wolves return to Luxembourg

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Wolves return to Luxembourg

This winter in the commune of Wincrange, in the north of the country, locals discovered small gray animals that look like dogs. Eyewitnesses recognized these animals as wolves.

More recently, five cubs were born into the pack. Now the inhabitants of the Grand Duchy are more likely to encounter a feral animal.

For farmers, these animals are a threat. The bigger a pack becomes, the sooner some of them will attack farm animals. However, so far there are too few wolves for that to happen. They’re even afraid of meeting with tourists, and definitely don’t dare to fight guard dogs thus far.

For the animal world, wolves are useful. Predators act as natural population regulators. For example, herbivores can suffer from an epidemic. Wolves are able to prevent it. They catch up and kill the disease victims, before those have time to infect their relatives.

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