7 platforms to learn French effectively

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7 platforms to learn French effectively

French is the language of official communication and the administrative language of Luxembourg. It is widely used throughout the country, from small talk to television. We have collected for you seven platforms for learning French in Luxembourg, including free ones.

National Institute for the Study of Languages

INL offers French courses accredited by the Ministry of Education for adults. The effectiveness of these courses is confirmed by national certificates.

Private language school

You can choose private home tuition and learn the part of the language that you need most at the moment — for business, studies, visiting museums, watching TV and reading newspapers, etc. Options include Berlitz, Prolingua Language Centre, Inlingua.

Online courses

You can find interesting online resources for those who want to learn French without spending a lot of time and money. You can start with online lessons for beginners, try your hand at a simulated conversation to improve your vocabulary, or choose a site where you can learn a language through a variety of exercises and games.


Radio Lingua Network offers free podcasts for spoken French and other languages ​​in an accessible format. You can also watch Podcast Francais Facile — podcasts in French with transcription. There are several podcast types, focused on grammar, dictation, articles about culture, etc. Suitable for beginners.


You can learn the language online at Skype Language School, which offers French tuition along with other courses.

Youtube and other video tutorials

You can watch short interviews in French with subtitles or video reports from the BBC Ma France channel. So you can not only learn new words and expressions, but also get to know French culture more deeply. Or you can learn French with TV5Monde — you can choose both the starting level and your age.

Conversation club

For example, offline and online meetings organized by Club Polyglotte. Today at 19:00 they will organize an online event for everyone. There is no substitute for speaking practice, so you can follow the Facebook group and meet periodically to speak French.

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