Luxembourg scholarships for international students in 2024

This article will provide an overview of Luxembourg scholarships for international students and what requirements an applicant should meet to get a scholarship.

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Statistics show that the largest percentage of international students in higher education, in the EU and its member states, belongs to Luxembourg (49%). Though, the cost of living in the country is quite high. Many higher education institutions help the most gifted students and provide them with a Luxembourg scholarship during their studies.

How to study in Luxembourg and why?

Students from all over the world come to Luxembourg to get higher education. But what makes Luxembourg so promising and attractive? Here are the main reasons for the country's popularity among foreign students.

A country with a strong economy
Luxembourg has a developed economy and a high standard of living. Getting an education in the Grand Duchy means not only the opportunity to study at one of the best European universities, but also the opportunity to live in a country with the highest GDP in the world.
Affordable study fees
Tuition fees at local universities are not as high as one can think, despite the high cost of living in the country. The cost of a bachelor's degree at the University of Luxembourg, which is publicly funded, ranges from 200 to 400 euros per semester. Such a relatively small fee is quite affordable for those who want to get a truly decent education.
Multicultural environment
Luxembourg is considered to be one of the most foreigner-friendly European countries. Almost half of the population of the Grand Duchy (47.3%) are foreigners of 170 nationalities. In the city of Luxembourg this ratio is even higher (70%). In addition, there are three official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German. Higher education and business are mostly conducted in English.
Life in the center of Europe
Luxembourg is located in the very center of Europe, it is an ancient country with many attractions. In addition, from here you can quickly get to Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, so in their free time, students have an excellent opportunity to travel and get to know new different places and cultures.

So, it is not strange that Luxembourg is an absolute leader and has the biggest share of international or foreign students among OECD and partner countries. The proportion of international students enrolled in tertiary education reached 49% and in doctoral programs — 91% in 2021. 


In 2022, 633 people arrived in the country for study purposes. There is a consistent growth trend over the past decade.

Of course, if you compare this number with other EU countries such as Germany or France, Luxembourg will not be in the top. But you need to take into account the small size of the country itself and the number of universities. There are not many of them in the Grand Duchy, but the quality of education in the country is at a high level. The University of Luxembourg, Lunex University, and Luxembourg School of Business are considered to be the best universities for international students.

Source: OECD.Stat
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How to study in Luxembourg?

Notable universities in the country

There are many institutions to choose from to study. We will give an example of the State University of Luxembourg and a popular option for a private establishment, covering many professions, educational specialisations and degrees. You can consult our other articles on education in the Blog section.

students are studying in the University of Luxembourg
of them are foreigners, coming from various countries
different nationalities of students and professors
euros is the most common tuition fee for number of study courses
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Top universities
Limpertsberg, Belval and Kirchberg campuses
8:00 – 17:00
students are studying in the Lunex University in Luxembourg
different nationalities are present among students and professors
euros is the base line of the tuition fee per month for some programs
Technical universities too

In addition, the country has several very strong technical universities, whose graduates are in demand on the market and never have difficulties finding jobs. But be careful, scholarships are not offered everywhere!

Foreign students
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Fees for foreign students
50 Av. du Parc des Sports, Differdange
(+352) 28 84 94 40
8:00 – 17:00
different nationalities are represented among students of LSB
of students have started their own business while studying
euros per year in tuition fees is an apx. price of studying in LSB
46 Côte d'Eich, Luxembourg
(+352) 26 25 89 80
8:00 – 17:00

Best scholarships for foreign students in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is ready to offer several types of scholarships and grants for international students in various fields of education. Such scholarships are mainly provided to those who have shown excellent results at previous studies and can provide documents to prove this. Some programs cover only living costs, other scholarships also include tuition fees.

Every international scholarship program determine its own eligibility criteria, but the general requirements are: 

  • excellent academic performance,
  • academic achievements or participation in scientific projects,
  • students who do not receive public financial assistance from the government.

At some universities, the requirements may be expanded, for example, the student must be a citizen of African, Asian or Latin American countries or specialize in a certain field of study.

University of Luxembourg scholarships in 2024

Whether it's in conjunction with other universities or on its own, the country's state university provides support for its students. There are several scholarships available.

How to get the scholarship from

  1. To qualify for the University of Luxembourg scholarship, you must first apply for the Master's program.
  2. The Program Director will evaluate your Master’s application. If it meets criteria of excellence, you will be invited to apply for a scholarship.
  3. To apply for scholarship, you will need to:
    • fill out a special online form,
    • attach a personal statement outlining your reasons for applying and describing your strengths,
    • attach two academic letters of recommendation.

Guillaume Dupaix International Master's Scholarship

The Guillaume Dupaix International Master's Scholarship is aimed to support high-achieving international students who want to enroll in a Master's program at the Luxembourg University. The scholarship amount is 10,000 euros per year, the maximum duration of payments is 2 years.

Key points on the scholarship
Master’s Program
10,000 euro per year
2 years of education
EU and non-EU

Every year, 30 students receive a university of Luxembourg masters scholarship, 10 people in each department. Part of the scholarship is spent on the student’s accommodation, and part is paid personally at the beginning of each semester up to 650 euros per month. Tuition fees are not included in the scholarship.

Do not lose it

The scholarship may be revoked if the student commits academic violations, declines in academic performance, or refuses to complete the master's program.

Eligibility criteria: 

  • applicants from EU and non-EU countries;
  • excellent academic performance during undergraduate studies;
  • full-time students;
  • non-beneficiaries of financial assistance from the government.

The selection criterion will be the quality of academic performance, the strengths of the applicant and the originality of the personal statement. All applicants of University of Luxembourg scholarship for non-European students will receive a final response.

Student Hardship Fund

The University of Luxembourg is ready to provide assistance to those undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who are experiencing financial difficulties that could affect their studies. This assistance does not constitute a full Luxembourg scholarship or grant and cannot be used as a primary source of income.

To receive assistance, a student must

  • be enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree program,
  • be registered in the third semester of study program or above,
  • do not receive other financial support, need immediate assistance due to unexpected financial problems.
Take it back to the start

If a student begins their studies with insufficient funds to cover their living expenses, assistance will not be provided.

EBU Scholarship Impact program at the European Business Institute of Luxembourg

The EBU Scholarship Impact Programme is open to students who are nationals of the countries on the attached list. They may be present in their home country or be refugees in another country and be able to prove their status. Students from countries not on the list will be considered if they can demonstrate achievement and determination in the face of challenge or great adversity.

The Impact Programme has an online e-learning format with live webinars and travel to the campus organized on campus weeks. Its aim is to provide access to higher education in countries where the offer is limited due to different reasons.

Key points on the scholarship
Tertiary education
No tuition fees
Up to 3 consecutive years
Limited list of countries (ELDC)
Scholarship Impact Program at EBU | List of countries and more information
Scholarship Impact Program at EBU | List of countries and more information

EBU provides a list of courses or programs available for each set deadline. If your application meets all the requirements, you can be nominated by the EBU for a scholarship. The scholarships are given to highly motivated international students.

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Students must be nationals of and currently stay in an African, Central or South American, Eastern European or Asian Country, or are refugees and can prove their status.
  • Students must have access to the Internet.
  • All students must be admitted to EBU.
  • Students must commit to the strict academic standards the EBU sets.

How to get the scholarship?

  1. Select a currently offered course with a scholarship on the website,
  2. Prepare application form and supporting documents,
  3. Submit your application via EBU site, upload a valid identification document (e.g. ID or Passport) and all documents.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship in Luxembourg

Universities in Luxembourg take an active part in the Erasmus+ program, under which students from non-EU countries can receive an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship.

Key points on the scholarship
Master’s program
1,400 euros per month, visa and accommodation
1 to 2 academic years
All over the world

To qualify for a scholarship, you must apply directly to the university that runs your chosen Master's programme. In most cases, applications are accepted between October and January for courses starting the following year. Detailed information, including the possibility of receiving a scholarship, can usually be found on the website of each Master's programme.

The scholarship is available to students from all over the world, the applicant must at least 

  • have a bachelor’s degree (first degree), or be in the last year of bachelor studies,
  • graduate before the master’s program starts.

Scholarships are awarded to students with excellent academic records and other personal achievements, such as successful scientific work. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships cover the full cost of your studies, including visa and accommodation, and amount to 1400 euros per month. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships are awarded for the entire duration of the course.

Erasmus+ Programme Guide in 2024
Erasmus+ Programme Guide in 2024

Erasmus Mundus Master in Sport Management — GOALS at Lunex

LUNEX University together with 4 more European universities takes part in the international Master's program GOALS (Governance & Administration of Leisure and Sports International). This unique Master program is dedicated to grow future professionals within the fields of sport, management and active leisure. The program has two specializations: Sports Industry and Leisure, Sport and Events Management.

Eligibility criteria
Check your eligibility for GOALS
See what is required and check what you already fulfil.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
No previous scholarships
The applicant has never previously received an EMJM scholarship or an Erasmus Mundus Master Course / Joint Doctorate scholarship;
No other scholarships during the course
The applicant undertakes to waive any other EMJM scholarship for the duration of the GOALS course
No more than three citizens of the same country can receive a scholarship at the same time
Education level
Candidates must hold a Higher Education (HE) undergraduate degree or an equivalent
The expected scientific background is the following: Sport management, Management/business administration, Sport studies
Language requirements
All non-English native speakers must attest a valid B2 English level or equivalent
Check your eligibility for GOALS
See what is required and check what you already fulfil.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.

Keep in mind, that in case of fraud or false declarations, the scholarship holder will be obliged to return all funds received.

How to get this scholarship?

  1. Online application.

    Fill in an online application form for the GOALS Master program and provide all required documents

  2. Interview of shortlisted candidates.

    The 20 minutes interview is aimed to determine candidates’ motivation to study in the GOALS course

  3. Final selection.

    After a complicated evaluation process 2 lists of students will be created. Applicants from the main list can be awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Applicants from the reserve list can also register as self-funded students

State financial aid for higher education (AideFi)

Luxembourg government via grant and loans system allows eligible students to get higher education courses regardless of their financial state. State financial aid for higher education (AideFi) can be obtained not only by Luxembourg residents, but also by foreign students. 

Key points on the scholarship
Higher education study program
1,199 to 2,321 euros per semester
Application for every semester
Luxembourg residents and non-residents

You may receive AideFi for your studies if the program in which you will study is a higher education programme (1st cycle, 2nd cycle, research programme) and it awards a higher education diploma, qualification or degree.

Third-countries nationals must meet the following criteria: 

  • have resided in Luxembourg for at least 5 years (or have been granted long-term resident status prior to submitting the first application),
  • have a Luxembourgish secondary school-leaving diploma or certificate, or equivalent.
For non-residents

Requirements are quite strict, as this is a governmental aid. Therefore, the student must has been studying in Luxembourg for a period of at least 5 years in a public or private educational institution or legally living in Luxembourg for at least 5 years at the time of the application.

The non-resident students must first have completed all necessary procedures in their country of residence in order to get financial support for their studies. The official response for the current academic year, whether positive or negative, must be attached to the AideFi application in Luxembourg. Without response, no AideFi can be granted.

The full list of requirements is published on the official website of the Government of Luxembourg.

AideFi applications must be submitted for each semester. The online procedure via is now accessible to all. You can fill out a grant application on the mobile application with smartphone, for example.

The following documents must be attached to the application
Check yourself
For other types of grants, additional documents may be required.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
ID documents
An identity document (passport or identity card)
Bank details
The applicant's bank account details
Education program information
Final enrolment certificate issued by the university, with the exact name of the course of study and of the diploma being prepared
Financial information
Supporting documents, showing the monthly amount of the allowances received as a result of the applicant's student status in the current country, or a document certifying that the student is no longer entitled to such benefits
Certificate of enrolment or school attendance
Only for students who have been attending one of the institutions for at least 5 years
Allowances information
Official response from the country of residence about financial support
Check yourself
For other types of grants, additional documents may be required.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.

PhD scholarships in Luxembourg

Although there are many programmes to support masters and bachelors students in Luxembourg, there are also programmes to support researchers and those continuing their studies. This support is usually provided by the research centres and involves a close partnership with them.

One such institution is Luxembourg National Research Fund.

The FNR is the main funder of research activities in Luxembourg. We invest public funds and private donations into research projects in various branches of science and the humanities, with an emphasis on selected core strategic areas. Furthermore, we support and coordinate activities to strengthen the link between science and society and to raise awareness for research. We also advise the Luxembourg government on research policy and strategy.
Luxembourg National Research Fund

Luxembourg National Research Fund

Visit website of FNR

AFR — Individual PhD Grants & Bilateral PhD & PD Grants

The AFR program offered by The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) provides funding for the training of doctoral candidates only. The grant is paid until the applicant has completed the Ph.D. degree, but for a maximum of 4 years. 

Key points on the scholarship
PhD candidate
Salary contribution or monthly allowance
Maximum of 4 years
Any nationality

The program holds only one competition per year. The application should be submitted jointly with the host institution. Application is submitted online.

Eligibility criteria for AFR PhD grant

  • Luxembourg and international applicants are eligible to apply for the grants.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English.
  • Applicants must hold a university degree of a recognised higher education institution, allowing them to enter into doctoral training.
  • Candidates from any nationality may apply for a doctoral position in an eligible Luxembourg host institution.
  •  Candidates will be required to spend >50% in Luxembourg under an employment contract with the host institution.
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