More than 11,000 people received Luxembourg nationality in 2023

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Source: Shalev Cohen, Unsplash

Source: Shalev Cohen, Unsplash

According to the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice, a total of 11,904 passports were issued last year. Of these, 5,773 people were granted citizenship by option, 4,932 by reclamation and 1,199 by naturalization.

The largest number of new Luxembourg passports went to people from Brazil: a total of 4,404 people from this country received the citizenship of the Grand Duchy. In second place came Portugal (1,237 persons) and in third place France (1,131 persons). As for Luxembourg's other neighbor, 309 German citizens became new citizens last year. 

In addition, 222 people from Russia and 86 from Ukraine also received citizenship of the Grand Duchy in 2023. It is also interesting that 936 people from the United States obtained a Luxembourg passport.

Detailed Ministry report on the new passports
Complete data on the number of passports issued for 2023
Complete data on the number of passports issued for 2023

Luxembourg nationality can be acquired in several ways. For example, by option — if one of your parents or grandparents was Luxembourgish. This also works in reverse if your child is a Luxembourg citizen or if you married a Luxembourg citizen. 

Another way is citizenship by naturalization. This requires you to live in Luxembourg for 5 years, attend special courses, and pass the Luxembourg language test. And finally, the last option is reclamation: when someone can regain Luxembourg citizenship. This is possible if you lost your Luxembourg nationality after marriage or if your ancestors had a Luxembourg passport before 1900.


How to obtain Luxembourg citizenship

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