Europe Day in Luxembourg 2024: where to go to know everything

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Tomorrow, Luxembourg celebrates Europe Day, one of the country's most important holidays. It has been an official holiday since 2019, and on this day, celebrations with dignitaries take place across the country and museums open their doors to the public.

Historical overview

Europe Day is celebrated to mark the Declaration made by Robert Schuman in 1950. He was French Foreign Minister at the time and was born in Luxembourg: his father was a German customs officer and his mother a native of Luxembourg. Robert Schuman is rightly called the "Father of Europe".

This declaration is now considered the founding act of the entire European Union. Luxembourg has always been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of this act and the creation of the EU, and continues to actively promote peace and harmony on the continent. This was one of the main promises of the Declaration.

The Grand Duchy has played a key role in the building of Europe, from the founding treaty of the EU in 1952 to the signing of the Schengen Agreements in 1985. In addition, the city of Luxembourg is one of the three main European capitals and is home to many important European organizations and administrations.


Luxembourg's culture and traditions

Open the doors of the European Commission

On this day, May 9, from 12:00 to 18:00, one of the most important EU organizations invites the inhabitants and visitors of Luxembourg to participate in the official celebrations in the European Parliament building. During the event, it will be possible to get to know all the details and processes of the work of the Commission and even to have a look behind the scenes of the Parliament.


It is remarkable that this year's Europe Day takes place exactly one month before the European elections of 2024, which are scheduled for June 9th. Therefore, the program of the event will reflect this event and speakers will once again remind about the important role of democracy in the modern world. In addition, part of the event will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the EU enlargement in 2004, when ten countries joined the Union.

Here you will be able to visit a special exhibition with stands where you can learn about the creation of Europe, its values and goals in the modern world. The organizers have also prepared a special surprise for their visitors: guests will be able to go behind the scenes of the Parliament and take part in the opening of the new interactive EU center Europa Experience.

A ceremony will be held at 14:00 in the presence of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, representatives of the Parliament and various ministers. Visits to the European Commission on this day are free of charge.

After the Grand Duke's speech, a musical concert will take place on the Place de l'Europe. The Ukrainian choir Belle Bandura will perform first, followed by the winner of the LOA Festival DJ competition, Nico Belle. The concert will be closed by the indie band TUYS.

Robert Schuman Museum

Of course, Luxembourg has not only preserved the values and ideas of the great politician, but also his house where Robert Schuman spent his childhood. On Thursday, the doors of this museum will be open to everyone. Guests will be able to visit the permanent exhibition, learn more about Schumann's life, and then watch the documentary "Robert Schumann. From Clausen to Europe: in the footsteps of a convinced European".

There will also be an exhibition on the history of the European elections. If the day is sunny, the organizers also promise a guided tour with historians from the University of Luxembourg. Admission is free on Thursday and the museum will be open from 14:00 to 17:00.

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Festival in the North

In Wiltz you can join the Waasserfest from 10:00 to 17:00. The program includes activities for the whole family: many workshops, a small exhibition, cartoons, excursions and much more. The main theme of the festival is water. Therefore, many events will be related to this problem: how to properly deal with water purification, how to determine that it is drinkable, and for the most curious there will even be an unusual tasting. Entrance is free.

Meanwhile, in Bissen, from 13:00 to 20:00, there will be a large exhibition of different cuisines. Here you will be able to taste dishes not only from all over Europe, but also from all over the world, even from the remotest corners. Discover Indian, Brazilian or Mexican cuisine! The entrance fee is 10 euros, for children it's only 5 euros.

The Luxtoday team wishes you a happy Europe Day and a great holiday! 🎉

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