Luxembourg events for January 27-29. Concerts, exhibitions, wine!

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Luxembourg events for January 27-29. Concerts, exhibitions, wine!

It's just over a month until the end of winter. It's time to cheer up and try something tasty. This weekend will be a great opportunity for that.

Petrograd + Versus You

Let's start the selection with an incendiary punk-rock, which you can listen to as early as tomorrow, January, 27th, in Rotondes. The concert starts at 20:00, ticket price - is up to 14 euros. The genre is not for everyone, but if you're passionate about guitar, you shouldn't miss it.

Adress: Rotondes, 3 place des Rotondes, L-2448 LUXEMBOURG


This charity book market will offer a huge selection of second-hand books. All volumes are sorted by language and subject matter. Revenue from sales will go to help children who want to get an education but are unable to. The fair will be open on the weekends of January 28 and 29.

Adress: Centre Culturel Cessange, 1 rue St. Joseph, L-1838 LUXEMBOURG

Wine Fair

Our most delicious ingredient of today's top events is the Wine Fair of the independent winemakers of Bordeaux and New Aquitaine. In addition to the fine beverage, there will be equally fine appetizers to try: classic cheeses, oysters, foie gras, and ham. Entrance costs 4 euros and is open until Sunday, January 29.

Adress: LUXEXPO - Centre d'Expositions et de Congrès, Circuit de la Foire Internationale 10, L-1347 LUXEMBOURG

Dance Theater Workshop

A master class exploring the fusion between acting and dance. Take part and be involved in a performance where everyone expresses feelings through movement. Experience does not matter. The master class will take place on Saturday, January 28, from 15 to 18 hours. The price of the ticket is 40 euros.

Adress: 89 Rue de Hollerich, 1741 Luxembourg

«Live Portrait»

Visual artist Veronique van der Wielen will spend the weekend in the Subtle exhibition hall, where anyone can have their portrait painted in real-time. You can request a portrait of a couple or family to paint. Pre-registration is required. Participation is free.

Adress: Subtile Showroom-Gallery, 21A Avenue Gaston Diderich, L-1420 LUXEMBOURG

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