The Drauwen- a Wäifest grape and wine festival takes place in Luxembourg in September

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The Drauwen- a Wäifest grape and wine festival takes place in Luxembourg in September

Luxembourg's largest wine festival traditionally takes place in the municipality of Grevenmacher from September 8 to 10. During this event, you can not only discover different types of wines, but also see the Wine Queen. There is also a concert, a street parade, a torchlight procession and of course a market with various delicacies.

Drauwen- a Wäifest, or "Grape and Wine Festival", will take place in the Grand Duchy for the 73rd time. Every year, winegrowers from all over the country come together to show off their harvests and entertain everyone.

Friday, September 8

The festival opens on Friday, September 8th. On that day, at 20:00, the Queen of Wine will be announced and crowned in the Sports Hall of the Grevenmacher Lyceum. The event will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra and the bands The Jassettes and Celebrity Stars. The latter will impress not only with their musical talent, but also with their beautifully choreographed dances and colorful acts.

To attend the event, you must contact the organizers by mail. You can end the day with a tour of the fair. You can also join the afterparty that starts at 10:00 p.m. and lasts until three in the morning.

Program for September 8

Afterwork op der Moartplaz6 p.m.Market place
Coronation of the Luxembourg Wine Queen8 p.m.Sports hall of the Grevenmacher Lyceum
Public Viewing of the coronation live8 p.m.Market place
Afterparty10 p.m.Market place

Saturday, September 9

On Saturday and Sunday, the festival will have two venues: the Market place and the Schiltzeplaz. On the second day of the festival, the activities start at 3 p.m. On the Market place you will find street performances such as Van Toete Noch Blaoze. This is an unusual orchestra that has been performing for 30 years. They came together as a group of enthusiasts, but now they are considered professionals and are welcome guests at various events in the Grand Duchy. It is easy to recognize them: they are all dressed in turquoise and decorated with frills, ruffles and cheerful bells.

At 5:30 p.m., bring your children to the square for a real magic show, with illusionist Lukas Hefner performing his tricks and magic. Afterwards, the square will be filled with music again, with Zaate Hermenie 'Neet te Blaoze', De Roepoepers and Hunnëgstrëpp performing for the audience. The parade will end with a fireworks show at 10:00 p.m. The last event of the day is a concert by the Luxembourgish band The Noisemakers, who play covers of songs from different eras.

Program for September 9 — Market place

Van Toete Noch Blaoze 3 p.m.
Reception of the musical groups and admission of Zoé, Wine Queen 2022, to the fraternity of St. Cunibert4 p.m.
Children magic show5:30 p.m.
ZH Neet te Blaoze Obbeeg6:30 p.m.
De Roepoepers7 p.m.
Hunnëgstrëpp8 p.m.
Fireworks10 p.m.
The Noisemakers10:15 p.m.

The Schiltzeplaz will also host street bands throughout the day, but the main event of the day will be the torchlight procession, which will start at 9:30 pm. It will be accompanied by the lifeguards, firemen, scouts and volunteers of the Grand Duchy. The guests of the Festival can also take part in this festive parade: the organizers have even produced a special brochure on how to make a torch. It is available in Luxembourgish, French and German and we have translated it for you:

You will need:

  • 1 reusable glass (0.4 liters);
  • 3 sheets of translucent paper (red, yellow and orange);
  • a thick sheet of brown paper;
  • 1 LED garland not more than 1 meter long;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • stapler.

To make the torch:

  1. Cut a 4 cm wide strip of brown paper. Staple it in a circle so that it fits inside the cup and protrudes slightly from the top.
  2. Tear the clear paper into long strips to resemble flames and glue them to the brown strip.
  3. Place the strip with the "tongues of flame" in the mug and place the garland inside. You can put the bulbs between the translucent strips to make it even nicer. That's it!

Program for September 9 — Schiltzeplaz

De Roepoepers3 p.m.
Les Brasseurs3:30 p.m.
ZH Neet te Blaoze Obbeeg5 p.m.
Fanfare St. Laurentius Roermond6 p.m.
Tuna Medicina de Barcelona7 p.m.
StereU8 p.m.
Torchlight procession9:30 p.m.
Fireworks10 p.m.
Simply 210:15 p.m.

Sunday, September 10

On Sunday, September 10, bands and artists will begin performing at 11:30 a.m. Some bands will be repeating their performances, but will be moving to a location where they did not perform on the first day. So be sure to check the schedule to see all the musicians you want to see.

The highlight of the day is a huge procession with the Queen of Wine, dancing groups and musicians, where you can taste and buy your favorite wines.

Tickets for the festival - from 15 euros. Weekend price - 18 euros. Day tickets - 10 euros. You can purchase tickets on the official festival page.

Program for September 10 — Market place

Fanfare Mosella Niederdonven12 a.m.
Os Reis Dos Bombos1 p.m.
Ukrainian Dance Group Vesna1:30 p.m.
Musikverein Moselland Nittel2 p.m.
De Roepoepers3 p.m.
Folkloric parade through Grevenmacheraround 3 p.m.
De Roepoepersafter parade
Les Gavroches5:30 p.m.

Program for September 10 — Schiltzeplaz

ZH Neet te Blaoze Obbeeg12 a.m.
Ukrainian Dance Group Vesna12:30 a.m.
Moselle Valley Brass Band1 p.m.
Os Reis Dos Bombos3 p.m.
Folkloric parade through Grevenmacherabout 3 p.m.
Van Toete Noch Blaozeafter parade
Keespelter Strëpp6 p.m.

These days are not official holidays in Luxembourg. But the celebration falls on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, i.e. on a normal weekend. Read more about the official holidays of the Grand Duchy in our article.

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