German strike ends early

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Фото:  lan deng, Unsplash

Фото: lan deng, Unsplash

The Germans were lucky: the drivers decided to return to work just in time for the beginning of the week, which will definitely have a positive impact on transportation. Despite the fact that the unions were still firm on Friday, the negotiations initiated by the management of Deutsche Bahn seem to have had a positive effect.

Thus, the drivers of the freight trains ended their strike at 18:00 on Sunday, and the drivers of the passenger trains ended their strike at 2:00 hours on Monday. According to the original scenario, the strike did not last six days. It would be the longest strike in the industry and could cause millions of dollars in damage.

The union and Deutsche Bahn will be at the negotiating table for 5 weeks. The discussions will take place behind closed doors, but the workers have promised not to launch any new strikes during this period. This means that at least until March 3, passengers can plan their trips and schedules.

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Source: DW

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