Plane is cheaper than train — how much do tickets cost in the EU

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Plane is cheaper than train — how much do tickets cost in the EU

The latest Greenpeace report compares the price of plane and train tickets in Europe. According to the document, air travel is half the price, which is certainly a more profitable and attractive way to travel. In contrast to train travel.

The report compares 112 routes in Europe (EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway). 94 of them are international, and 18 are domestic. On 71% of the routes analyzed, air tickets are cheaper than train tickets. In the UK and Spain, air travel is about four times cheaper. Of the 112 destinations, 79% are served by low-cost carriers. One of the most expensive routes is London-Barcelona, where it costs 30 times more to travel by train than by air — 384 euros against 15 euros.

The countries with the most expensive train tickets are the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, France and Italy.

In Central and Eastern Europe trains are cheaper. However, it should be noted that their speed and equipment are several times worse than those in Western Europe. This can also be a key factor in choosing a way to travel.

Prices in Luxembourg

In the Grand Duchy, four routes were analyzed: Luxembourg-Barcelona, Luxembourg-Milan, Zagreb-Luxembourg, Hamburg-Luxembourg.

On the Luxembourg-Barcelona route, Luxair company has daily flights and Ryanair five flights a week. On average, a one-way ticket with transfer in Paris costs 125 euros, while a train ticket is three times more expensive.

A flight from Zagreb to Luxembourg costs about 49 euros, and you can get to Milan from the Grand Duchy for 15 euros with low-cost carriers. If you decide to take the train, you will have to pay two or three times more.

However, a cheap flight from Hamburg to Luxembourg will not be an option, as low-cost carriers do not fly in this direction. However, Deutsche Bahn offers quite cheap train tickets. They range from 25 to 88 euros.

RoutePlane priceTrain price
Luxembourg-Barcelona~ 125 euro~ 200 euro
Luxembourg-Milan~ 15 euro~ 60 euro
Zagreb-Luxembourg~ 49 euro~ 90 euro
Hamburg-Luxembourg~ 190 euro~ 25-88 euro

*source (July 21): Greenpeace, Skyscanner, Thetrainline

Environmental concerns

Greenpeace experts believe that airlines are taking advantage of tax exemptions on kerosene, one of the main components of jet fuel. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens are footing the bill. Transport & Environment magazine recently estimated that taxpayers in Europe lose a total of 34 billion euros a year due to this and other tax exemptions.

Airlines benefit from outrageous fiscal advantages. Planes pollute far more than trains, so why are people being encouraged to fly? Low-cost airlines, in particular, have exploited every loophole and trick in the book. 10 euro airline tickets are only possible because others, like workers and taxpayers, pay the true cost.

Greenpeace EU senior climate campaigner Lorelei Limousin

She insisted that governments must make rail travel more affordable, otherwise the planet risks the climate catastrophe. We can already see the consequences in many EU countries. The EU is planning to review tax benefits for airlines. However, the process is at the discussion level and no changes are expected in the near future.

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