Christmas movies to watch on holiday's Eve

Christmas movies to watch on holiday's Eve

Christmas and the New Year are a time when wishes come true. Unsurprisingly, many great movies are linked to this magical season.

Christmas Story

This 2009 movie is based on Charles Dickens' immortal classic. The philosophically-inclined story teaches the viewer a simple truth: real miracles begin within one's soul.

Home Alone 1-2

Christmas movie list is simply incomplete without these classics. It doesn't matter if we remember every joke and every line — this is comfort food in movie form, simple as.

Harry Potter

Christmas plays a role in many of the series' entries, although it's never the central theme. Still, these are movies about the importance of friends and family. Which are exactly the people we usually spend holiday evenings with. So sit tight and remember — it's LeviOsa, not LeviosA!


An animated movie that's spent a long time in production hell only to come out in 2019 and become an instant classic for millions of viewers. An unusual spin on the Christmas theme and an exciting mix of hand-drawn animations with modern technology. Add deep well thought-out characters to the mix and you have an ideal movie for a family viewing.

Love Actually

A 2003 Christmas romance flick with a star-studded cast. A grotesque and sometimes ridiculous comedy about all the different flavors of love, this movie becomes much deeper and more complex once you get more into it. A perfect choice for those who want to fire up their emotions on the Christmas Eve.