Luxembourg events for March 17-19: opera, festivals and pretzels

This week, guests and residents of Luxembourg will be lucky enough to catch two major traditional events at once: St. Patrick's Day and Bretzelsonndeg. However, before we move on to the gastronomic (and alcoholic) pleasures, let's take a look at the cultural events!

Luxembourg events for March 17-19: opera, festivals and pretzels


Wagner's masterpiece returns after 17 years! François Girard presents his vision of a moving and atmospheric opera at the Ciné Utopia. Ticket prices start at 29.5 euros and are up to 34.5 euros.



The performance with a title that speaks for itself, will introduce the audience to three choreographic stories. How do people live when the information around them has absolutely blurred the lines between truth and fiction? How to tell apart the real and the false? All these answers you will find on the stage of Banannefabrik this weekend. Ticket prices are up to 20 euros.

Address: Banannefabrik, 12 Rue du Puits, L-2359 LUXEMBOURG


GO! — is a mixture of theater, contemporary dance, martial arts, and digital technologies. The connection of movements, humor and energy precisely defines this performance mood, and makes it fascinating and interesting even without words. The show will be in Luxembourgish and French, but no need to worry. The ticket price is 6 to 12 euros depending on your age.

Аddress: Rotondes, 3 place des Rotondes, L-2448 LUXEMBOURG

St. Patrick's Day

This celebration, taking root in Ireland, moved across the world and has been celebrated since. It's a great day to have a beer party with friends, especially since it falls on a Friday this year!


One of the most touching traditions in Luxembourg is associated with the pretzel. On Pretzel Sunday, men give their loved ones a pretzel as a sign of their love. Women usually respond to them on Easter. A dyed egg means the feelings are mutual, while an empty basket will bring a broken heart.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and surprise your beloved, present a pretzel — bought in one of the bakeries of the country, or even baked yourself!