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How to order food in Luxembourg

From groceries to ready-made meals or meals with recipes, this article will tell you what delivery options are available in Luxembourg.

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A variety of delivery options are available in Grand Duchy — you can order direct groceries, meals with recipes, or ready-to-eat meals from a restaurant.

Home delivery of groceries from the store in Luxembourg

Some stores provide home delivery services - this is called drive in. You can put together a grocery cart online, choose a day and time for delivery. In addition, some supermarkets allow you to order online, collect everything you need, and pick up your purchases at a specific store at a designated time.

Shipping is free if the order amount covers a certain limit set by the store. Otherwise you have to pay for delivery.

Alcohol can also be ordered at home. For example, Auchan offers such a service — Auchan Drive.

Food delivery services with recipes

If you like to cook yourself, but don't want to bother with shopping and menu planning. The most popular are:

The services offer food packages from local producers and recipes for their preparation. The menus are usually updated weekly and dishes take an average of 30 minutes to prepare.

Ready meal delivery in Luxembourg

Option 1: Directly from a local restaurant, café, snack bar

All you have to do is check if your home is within the delivery zone of the chosen establishment and place your order.

Option 2: with the help of food delivery aggregators

The principle of operation is similar to services around the world and in the CIS. The most popular aggregators are Takeaway, Foostix, Livraison.

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How to ready meal in Luxembourg

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