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Application for residence permit

You can apply for a residence permit with your personal documents and application form as soon as you have registered in the commune and undergone a medical check.

Necessary documents

Within 3 months of arrival you must submit your application to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg with following documents:

  1. Copies of all the pages of the passport.
  2. A copy of a temporary residence permit approval issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. A copy of the declaration of arrival issued by the commune.
  4. Proof of residence (contract on lease or purchase of housing).
  5. Receipt of the government payment (80 €).
  6. An application form.

Send all documents to the postal address:

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Directorate of Immigration - Foreign National’s Service
PO 752
L-2017 Luxembourg

Workers who decide to move to Luxembourg with a work visa should apply for a «residence permit for third-country workers». Blue Card workers submit their applications for «residence permit for third-country highly qualified workers».

Fees and payment options

The state fee for the residence permit is 80 euros per person, which can be paid by bank transfer. To pay, you need to input the IBAN number mentioned in the official letter and add a message like this: Titre de sejour dans le chef de [Your name and matricule].

If you need to pay for the residence permits of your family members, then indicate their names and numbers as well, and pay 80 euros for each person in separate transfers.

If you pay through the application, be sure to click "save" to retain the transfer statement. This document should be printed out and attached to the documents to be sent to the Ministry. It serves as proof of payment of the fee.

Once the Residence Permit is granted, the applicant must come in person to have a photograph taken and fingerprints collected. In a few days an identification card with biometric data will be ready to collect.


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