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Luxembourg is a country of start-ups and businesses. The start-up ecosystem in the Grand Duchy includes more than 500 start-ups and more than 15 incubators and accelerators, providing help and support.

The key to this booming trend is coworking spaces, which promote collaboration, innovation, and networking. Luxembourg's coworking scene is thriving and attracting a diverse group of individuals and businesses who are embracing the future of work. In this article, we will take a closer look at coworking opportunities in Luxembourg.

Sometimes you don’t need a coworking space to get work done, all you need is a cup of coffee and good Wi-Fi. Check out our special guide to cafes in Luxembourg to choose the perfect spot.

Coworking places for startups

Did you know that coworking can be more than just a place of work? In Luxembourg, there are many initiatives and projects that bring coworking to a new level. They offer support, business advice, countless network opportunities, and much more.

House of Entrepreneurship


The House of Entrepreneurship is a public institution that provides support to entrepreneurs in Luxembourg. House of Entrepreneurship is at your service to advise, assist and support you in all stages of the creation and development of your company.

The House of Entrepreneurship welcomes everyone by appointment on 3 different sites in Luxembourg-Kircheberg, in Mondorf-les-Bains and Esch-sur-Alzette.

House of Startups

Business Events Luxembourg
Business Events Luxembourg

House of Startups (HoST) is a campus dedicated to innovation hubs, incubators, and startup experts in Luxembourg. It is located in the dynamic, central station district, and it can accommodate 150-200 innovative startups. Its mission is to promote and support the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg.

Several major hubs are already at the HoST, including:

Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) is focused on technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry.

Luxembourg-City Incubator (LCI) offers coworking spaces to host innovative local and international entrepreneurs and helps them to address the Luxembourg market. Priority of LCI is given to urban tech, commerce, tourism, environment, logistics, housing & construction.

Le Village by CA is an accelerator of business for highly innovative startups with a potential for international growth.

International Climate Finance Accelerator (ICFA) supports innovative investment fund managers with specialized training, coaching, and financial support.

House of Startups spaces include everything from boardrooms and meeting offices to training and workshop spaces. Contact HoST to learn more about this amazing place.


In:Cubator Facebook page
In:Cubator Facebook page

Incubator is a program that provides support to youth initiatives and non-profit organizations. The organization offers resources and support, including access to coworking spaces, guidance, workshops, networking opportunities, and financial support.

If you want to become a member of the Incubator, you need to fill out an application online on the dedicated page.

Coworking spaces for everyone in Luxembourg City

Picking the right coworking space is crucial, you need to find a place that will accommodate your professional needs and provide an inspiring and productive environment. Luckily for you, Luxembourg City is a vibrant and cosmopolitan hub, and the options here for coworking spaces cater to everyone's unique needs and preferences.

The pricing of services differs depending on location (closer to the city center – more expensive), type of services (the cheapest is an open coworking space and the most expensive is private offices), and popularity of the place. Let’s take a closer look at the coworking spaces Luxembourg City has to offer.

The Office

The Office 'Charlotte" Luxembourg
The Office 'Charlotte" Luxembourg

The Office is a coworking space in Luxembourg City that offers a variety of workspaces and services for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. The Office gave a second life to a garage and a library, transforming them into vibrant co-working hubs, located in the city center, one on Boulevard Prince Henri and one on Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

There are a few ways to become a member of The Office:

E-coworking, online coworking space, with exclusive remote job offerings and a great community. The price is 25 euros per month.

Membership, all perks of The Office for 70 euros per month.

Coworking, a workplace of your own (with the use of a business address). The price is 290 euros per month.

Private offices to rent for yourself or your team. The price is 800 euros per month.

The Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Urban Office

Urban Office
Urban Office

Urban Office is a coworking space in Luxembourg with various workspaces near the borders of France and Belgium. They have 7 locations in Luxembourg itself, including Bettembourg, Luxembourg City, Windhof, and Belval, so you can practically work anywhere in Luxembourg with this coworking.

Urban Office offers two packages for its members:

Dedicated workstation which includes a dedicated workplace, private locker, postal address, meeting rooms, and unlimited access to all offices. The price starts from 297 euros per month.

Private, fully equipped offices which include meeting rooms, all amenities, and unlimited access to all offices. The price starts from 470 euros per month

Urban Office is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Spaces website website

Spaces is a global coworking space provider with over 300 locations in 80 countries. They have three locations in Luxembourg, including Boulevard Royal, Gasperich, and Place de la Gare.

This office space offer several services for its members:

Coworking membership – access to the workspace during business hours at any location across the network of 3,000 locations worldwide. The price depends on the plan of choice and ranges from 119 to 255 euros per month.

Dedicated Desk – workspace with a dedicated desk at any location, private locker, access 24/7/365. The price depends on location, but it is around 500 euros per month.

Office Space – private offices, all amenities included, unlimited access. The price depends on location, but it is around 500 euros per month.

Meeting Rooms – rooms for a meeting on demand with AV and presentation equipment. The price is 65 euros per hour.

Spaces is always open, though for full access you need to choose Dedicated Desk or Office Space services.


Silversquare website
Silversquare website

Silversquare is a coworking space provider with locations all over Belgium and Luxembourg. They provide office spaces designed as safe havens for demanding professionals craving efficiency, focus, and connections. Another great part is that Silversquare is always open for you, but for full access you need to purchase Hot Desk or Private Office services.

This coworking in Luxembourg offers several services for its members:

Daily pass to enjoy a day in Silversquare space. The price is 35 euros per day.

Hot Desk to all parts of coworking space, from private locker to meeting rooms. The price starts from 550 euros per month.

Private Office for teams, it includes business address, 24/7 access, access to meeting rooms, cleaning, and security. The price starts from 1350 euros per month.

Silversquare also offers test days to check out all packages and tailored-made solutions for larger companies.


Paladium website
Paladium website

Paladium is a coworking space with two locations in Luxembourg City and affordable conditions: this place provides open-plan office for anyone who needs the table and comfortability of an office without actually working in one.

Let’s break down Paladium pricing:

Coworking space with open-plan sitting and access to all amenities costs 20 euros per day or 99 euros per week or 299 euros per month.

Dedicated Desk, which includes all amenities and access to the space 24/7, costs 800 euros per month.

Private Office for teams (maximum 4 people), which includes all amenities and access to the space 24/7, costs 800 euros per month.

Paladium is open 24/7 for people with Dedicated Desk or Private Office memberships.


Anna Katina for Silicon Luxembourg website
Anna Katina for Silicon Luxembourg website

Bamhaus is a coworking space and creative agency located in the industrial district of Dommeldange in Luxembourg City. It is a unique space that offers shared and individual working spaces with access to multiple shared facilities.

Bamhaus offers membership, which includes a fixed desk in a shared space, all amenities, and 10 hours per month of access to the meeting room. The price of the membership starts from 250 euros per month. If needed, you can simply rent a desk in Bamhaus for one or more days/weeks without membership and access to our shared facilities.

Bamhaus is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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