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All about craft beer in Luxembourg: best places, local breweries and festivals

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Luxembourg may be small, but it's got a big love for brewing. From traditional lagers to contemporary craft creations, Luxembourg's beer scene is dynamic, historic, and full of flavor.

In this article, we will explore the history of brewing in this land and discover the popular brands, breweries, and beer festivals that make it a must-visit destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

Too much beer can lead to annoying hangovers and health problems. If you prefer a lighter pastime, why not read articles about interesting hobbies in Luxembourg? Swap beer for a new hobby!

A brief history of brewing in Luxembourg

The brewing legacy of Luxembourg is a story that echoes through the ages, tracing its roots back to the enchanting era of the Gallo-Roman occupation. As neighboring regions reveal archaeological treasures, the art of brewing comes alive. The first whispers of a monastic brewery graced the County of Luxembourg around 1300, finding a home within the venerable Munster Abbey in Clausen.

Today this abbey is a cultural center, if you want to discover more places like this and explore the cultural offer of Luxembourg, we suggest you take a look at our article on museums and cultural centers.

In the beginning, brewing was subject to seasonal changes. Spring and fall made high-fermentation yeast possible. Yet, the cold winter made fermentation stop, and the scorching summer made the beer rot too quickly. In the 15th century, Luxembourg embraced innovation with deep underground brewing cellars where Lager-style beers matured gracefully, their flavors deepening over the span of three months.

As the winds of change swept through in 1795, Luxembourg felt the impact of revolutionary fervor. The secularization of Church assets ignited a transformation, as monastic breweries exchanged robes for industrial pursuits.

By 1865, there were 34 breweries collectively producing a resplendent 58,000 hectoliters. A surge in demand, coupled with international exports, fueled this surge in production, painting a global portrait of Luxembourg's brewing prowess.

With demand and competition intensifying, breweries felt the need to enhance their capabilities and modernize brewing techniques. However, these required investments led to a process of industry consolidation. The number of breweries dropped to 18 by 1883, yet production soared to as high as 90,000 hectoliters by 1887. By 1900, a mere 12 breweries remained at their collective capacity standing at 174,000 hectoliters annually.

Modern brewing production in Luxembourg and craft beer

Brewing methods evolved in tandem with history's tide. Across the decades, production surged and waned, weathering the storm of global conflicts. Some breweries succumbed to the challenges, fading into the annals of history. Stability graced the early 1980s, as production settled around 700,000 hectoliters.

The 1990s brought a shift, with only 5 Luxembourgish breweries standing strong. Time played its hand, orchestrating mergers and transformations. From these changes over time emerged a triumvirate:

Brasserie Nationale,

Brasserie de Luxembourg,

Brasserie Simon.

As the sun sets on bygone eras, a new chapter unfolds. Microbreweries, bold and audacious, burst onto the scene. IPAs dance with hops, darker ales tease the palate, and organic, vegan, and low-carb brews offer contemporary twists. In the upcoming section, we embark on an exhilarating exploration of these modern-day artisans and the diverse elixirs they craft.

Popular craft beer brands in Luxembourg and the Grand Region

Luxembourg's burgeoning craft beer scene is a tapestry woven with passion, innovation, and a deep appreciation for quality brews. From microbreweries rooted in rich traditions to avant-garde creators pushing the boundaries of taste, the Grand Region offers a diverse array of craft beer brands.

Ourdaller by Simon Brewery

In 2001, a visionary alliance of local farmers embarked on a journey to spotlight their region's bountiful cereal production through the creation of a microbrewery. Five years down the road, the torch was seamlessly passed to Brasserie Simon, headquartered in Wiltz.

Standing out in the crowd, Ourdaller beers claim the distinction of being the sole high-fermentation brews in the country, exuding an unwavering artisanal and local essence.

What sets them further apart is their commitment to sourcing cereals exclusively from the lush fields of the Our Nature Park. Yet another captivating facet is the deliberate choice not to filter their beer range, allowing the alchemy of fermentation to unfold within each bottle.

Lëtzebéier by Beierhasscht Brewery

Beierhaascht website
Beierhaascht website

When you're a butcher, opening a restaurant might seem like the logical step. But why stop there? The next natural leap is into the realm of crafting your very own beer. And naturally, completing the trifecta involves the establishment of a hotel, just in case indulging in fine dining and brews becomes a tad excessive.

Enter the captivating story of Beierhaascht, a multifaceted haven owned by the Meyer family. Here, a restaurant seamlessly coexists with a microbrewery and a hotel, all under their discerning watch.

In their pursuit of brewing excellence, the Meyers enlisted the expertise of Guy Majerus, a seasoned brewmaster, to orchestrate the creation of a diverse beer portfolio. This ensemble includes a luscious blonde, a rich brown, an inviting amber, a crisp witbier, and a robust stout. Crafted in seasonal small batches, these beers grace the palate in perfect harmony with the restaurant's culinary delights.

Find out about an array of Luxembourg restaurants welcoming gourmands in the country in our special featured Food and restaurants section.

Den Heischter Brewery

Visit Luxebmourg website
Visit Luxebmourg website

Born in 2008 from the dreams of four zealous enthusiasts, this brewery began its journey with a modest 250-liter brewing system. However, their ambition has propelled them to remarkable heights. By 2019, the brewery had outgrown its initial setup, relocating to a more expansive production facility capable of churning out 15 hectoliters of liquid artistry.

The brewery's eponymous creation, the Den Heischter beer, is a gem of unfiltered blonde delight. Boasting a primitively rich wort content of 12.2% and an alcohol content of 5.2%, this beer encapsulates the craftsmanship and dedication of its creators.

From the vibrant green hop beer to the intriguing Kroopemann’s beer and the evocative medieval beer, Den Heischter's repertoire paints a canvas of diversity that invites beer enthusiasts to study it.

Satori brewery in Luxembourg

Satori Facebook Page
Satori Facebook Page

Satori, an embodiment of beer passion and camaraderie, was born from the creative minds of three friends in Luxembourg. What began as basement experiments culminated in a dynamic venture that now reaches across borders. Armed with limited batches of carefully crafted recipes, Satori has evolved into a collaborative force, bridging diverse brewing traditions from across Europe.

Presently, the brewery proudly offers a duo of creations: the Mandarina Blonde and the Distortion IPA. The latter, a symphony of Galaxy, Chinook, and Nelson Sauvin hops, delights the senses with harmonious notes of citrus, peach, and passion fruit, capturing the essence of global brewing cultures in every sip.

Craft beers by Stuff Brauerei Brewery

Stuff Brauerei website
Stuff Brauerei website

A name that needs no introduction in Luxembourg's beer scene, Stuff Brauerei stands as a testament to the vision of Joseph Hallack-Wolff and Antoine Biasino. This dynamic microbrewery has carved its niche not only in the finest local bars and restaurants but also within the heart of beer-centric cultural events.

Conceived in 2015, their brainchild was to create an independent local brewery that could stand apart from the giants. One of their best creations, The Sauvageonne, epitomizes their commitment to uniqueness. Crafted predominantly with ground ivy, a captivating plant that releases scents of mint and thyme when crushed, this beer embodies a botanical tapestry.

Fox Premium Pils by Fox Drinks

Fox Drinks website
Fox Drinks website

The inception of Fox Beer by Catherine Hoffmann and Pierre Beck stemmed from their vibrant and sociable lifestyle, coupled with a vision for quality libations that wouldn't compromise on unnecessary calories, carbs, or sugars.

In 2016, driven by this ethos, they established Fox Drinks Brewery, embarking on nearly two years of relentless research and development to birth a beer that harmoniously marries taste and health consciousness.

What unites their diverse lineup is a shared trait every Fox Beer boasts a mere 30 calories per 100ml, a remarkable feat achieved by trimming down carbohydrates by a staggering 90% compared to standard beers.

Noteworthy breweries to explore and visit in Luxembourg

These breweries not only present excellent beers but also offer visitors comprehensive tours that give an inside look at the elaborate brewing processes. Though they might be a little bit out of town, if you like beer and want to know more about the production in Luxembourg — it is a must-visit.

Brasserie Nationale

Visitebrasserienationale website
Visitebrasserienationale website

Nestled within the charming commune of Käerjeng in Bascharage, Brasserie Nationale stands as the harmonious union of two historic Luxembourgish breweries, Battin and Bofferding. This fusion has birthed not only a brewery but a testament to expertise and tradition handed down through over a decade's worth of generations.

Unlock the secrets of their heritage through immersive guided tours, for a duration of two enriching hours, you can dive into the heart of the brewing process. Priced at 20 euros per person, these tours offer an intimate journey through the artistry and legacy that define Brasserie Nationale's exceptional creations.

Den Heischter

Den Heischter website
Den Heischter website

The brewery tour commences with a refreshing pour of their signature brew, setting the tone for the journey ahead. Participants have the unique opportunity to fill their own beer bottles straight from the tank, crafting a tangible memory to take home. Subsequently, the tour unfolds into a tapestry of fascinating narratives about the world of beer, complemented by immersive insights into the brewing process.

An exceptional touch is the provision of samples representing each production stage, allowing visitors to truly "taste" their way through the entire brewery journey from raw ingredients to the culmination of a fine brew. And as the tour culminates, a choice awaits: acquiring the brewery's bottled treasures or embracing a 20-liter barrel, allowing enthusiasts to continue savoring Den Heischter's delights at their leisure.

Craft beer pubs in Luxembourg

In this dynamic landscape, finding your ideal craft beer haven might seem like a treasure hunt. To embark on this journey, consider seeking out bars that emphasize variety and quality in their beer selection.

While the quest may be challenging, we've uncovered a gem that shines brightly amidst the diverse tapestry of Luxembourg's drinking establishments, and we're excited to share this exceptional find with you below.

Liquid Bar

Liquid Bar Facebook Page
Liquid Bar Facebook Page

At the heart of Luxembourg's social scene, the Liquid Bar stands as a beacon for both craft beer connoisseurs and music aficionados alike. Aptly embracing the slogan "Real Music & Great Beer," this establishment paints an immersive canvas where the harmonies of live music seamlessly blend with the artistry of craft beer.

Craft beer festival in Luxembourg

Kirchbéier Craft Beer Festival Facebook Page
Kirchbéier Craft Beer Festival Facebook Page

Craft beer festivals of Luxembourg are where the magic of brewing collides with the thrill of celebration, creating an irresistible atmosphere that's sure to leave you craving for more. Among the stars of this annual lineup, the Luxembourg Craft Beer Festival in Kirchberg celebrates the nation's rich brewing heritage.

This festival transforms the heart of Kirchberg into a beer lover's paradise. The picturesque Central Park comes alive with a two-day spectacle, welcoming beer enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

What awaits is a remarkable showcase of over 50 craft breweries hailing not only from the Grand Region but also from beyond, painting a tapestry of flavors that transcend borders. But the Luxembourg Craft Beer Festival offers more than just liquid delights.

An enticing food stall village entices with gastronomic treasures, an artisan quarter beckons with its creative offerings, and live DJ sets infuse the air with rhythm and energy. An alluring lineup of brewers, including names like Amager, Bevog, Christiania Bryghus, and more, promises an unforgettable journey through craft beer culture.

A dedicated kid-friendly zone ensures that families can share the fun of the event.

Make sure to mark this dynamic event on your calendar for next year, so you're primed and ready to raise a glass in the heart of Luxembourg's beer festival.


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