Dentists in Luxembourg: a complete guide to finding the right professional

In this article we will talk about getting dental care in Luxembourg

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Dental care is an essential part of maintaining proper general health. Finding a reliable dentist in Luxembourg becomes crucial, especially when moving to a different country.

Whether it is for the maintenance of good health, the appearance of your teeth and smile, or preventing future dental issues, regular dental check-ups and appointments are an essential part of healthcare in the Grand Duchy.

Caroline Lm, Unsplash
Caroline Lm, Unsplash

Access to dental care in Luxembourg

When looking for a suitable dentist in Luxembourg to fit your needs, keep in mind that all doctors need to present a special permit issued by the Ministry of Health to be able to offer medical services. The CNS assigns a dentist code in compliance with legal provisions mandating registration.

Consequently, all dentists are subject to the mandatory provisions of the agreements between the CNS and the Association des médecins et médecins-dentistes.

Doctors' permits for medical practice

Prior to commencing their duties, doctors and dentists are allocated a unique healthcare provider code by the National Health Fund. All doctors in Luxembourg can only provide services upon receiving a healthcare provider code from the CNS!

The dentist too will be obliged to refer to a completed application package, that will include documents from Ministry, as well as various references. Some documents can be sent over email to

Documents should be sent in PDF format, as applications in JPEG and HTML format cannot be opened and will not be accepted.

Therefore, the documents to submit to CNS in order to receive a special healthcare provider code are:

  • A copy of a valid ID;
  • Information sheet for doctors/dentists on settling in Luxembourg (Fiche de renseignements sur l'établissement d'un médecin/médecin-dentiste au Luxembourg);
  • A copy of the Practice Permit (Declaration of service provision, issued by the Ministry of Health);
  • A bank identity statement (RIB).

In case you yourself want to practice medicine in the Grand Duchy, you can access some of the templates for documents and other helpful information.

Health insurance for dental services

Depending on their profession, employed workers in Luxembourg must belong to either the CNS, CMFEP, CMFEC, or EMCFL. Every employee contributes 2.8% of their gross salary towards social contributions to funds, and employers add up their half to this amount. This makes state health and social insurance available for residents.

More information about health insurance in the Grand Duchy can be found in a special article in our Guide. It's worth noting that self-employed individuals in Luxembourg are accountable for covering the entire amount of contributions themselves.

To get access to the dental care that is insured by the state, your recruiter must submit the documents as you started your work in Luxembourg to CCSS or the Joint Centre of Social Security.

They will then issue an entry declaration to confirm affiliation with the social security scheme of Luxembourg and then you can use dental services in the country and outside of it.

Dental state health insurance plan in Luxembourg covers some standard procedures that one might need to take care of their teeth during their life:

There are plenty of peculiarities in dental insurance, provided by the state, you can see more detailed information on the website of CNS in the dedicated section. All those who are insured in Luxembourg obtain a national insurance card, that has two sides and must be presented when visiting a dentist, buying medications, etc.

Multiple health insurance companies in Luxembourg cater to expats and provide coverage that encompasses dental treatment. Some of the most popular ones include Globality Health, Foyer, Allianz Care, Cigna Global.

Financial reimbursement for dental care

To get a reimbursement from the insurance if one pays the dental care costs upfront, you must file all invoices in their original, paid form. The process is fairly easy and enables a full refund.

Do make sure you mention your national identification number, as well as your bank identity statement (if you have not requested a reimbursement before).

No postage stamp is needed when sending papers to the CNS from somewhere in Luxembourg. If sending them from another country, it is the local healthcare provider’s responsibility to cover the costs of postage.

Under this system, you can request and get a reimbursement of 80% to 100% of your treatment expenses. It's essential to confirm whether your dentist in Luxembourg is authorized to provide state-funded services and offers the specific treatments you require. Therefore, it might be beneficial to obtain private health insurance to cover any extra costs.

In some cases, the insured person is asked to pay only the portion of the costs not covered by health insurance, which corresponds to their personal statutory participation. 

Expenses and the reimbursements of the same for dental treatments in Luxembourg
Regular checkupsProstheses - Crowns, teeth implants or bridgesTreatments for braces- fixed and/or detachable
Health insurance covers the first 68.15 euros of yearly expenses80% reimbursementHealth insurance covers the initial 68.15 euros of yearly expenses
88% of the cost will be reimbursed for any additional, remaining costThose who are able to demonstrate that they've undergone dental checkups with a licensed dentist at least once a year for the preceding two years are eligible for a complete refund88% of the cost will be reimbursed for any additional, remaining cost

If you need to buy medication

You can get medications in any pharmacy in the Grand Duchy. Make sure to collect the facture for reimbursement.

To pick up your assigned set of medication, the original prescriptions must be shown to receive it, with only one prescription per consultation or visit (with some exceptions).

We previously covered the peculiarities of the work of pharmacies in the special guide article, read it to find the closest to you, and get a glimpse of what to expect when visiting a pharmacy.

The Ministry of Social Security has issued a special memo, that can help orient the world of Healthcare services in the Grand Duchy. It can be useful, as it only contains two pages and all the general information and contacts. You can download the memo from our site.

Special memo
Special memo

How to find a professional dentist in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, as long as the doctor is accredited by the CNS, you are free to select a professional of your choice in Luxembourg. If he or she is not accredited, then the price of treatment will not be reimbursed and no one can guarantee you safety and protection in case anything goes wrong.

There are different ways to find a doctor or, in our specific case, a dentist in Luxembourg.


You can start by researching options online with these websites, which provide different categories of doctors.

Doctena Luxembourg

This is the main tool for finding practitioners in the Grand Duchy and Europe in general. First launched in Luxembourg, not it covers a lot of countries in the EU. It contains detailed information on doctors in general and dentists in particular. Doctena can also help you with finding English-speaking doctors. It has a great filter system for any situation.

Yellow Pages

This is one big website that covers all the specter of services, that can be provided by professionals in Luxembourg. You can find dentists, dental clinics in Luxembourg, and doctor offices in this directory.


This website works like the Yellow Pages as well and provides contact information on services and professionals available in the Grand Duchy. There are more than 300 results to choose from when it comes to dental services.

Collège Médical

An official medical organization that collects medical workers that are registered with the College. Registration with the Medical College is legally required for all of these professions in Luxembourg that work on a temporary or permanent basis.



You can contact The Association des Médecins et Médecins-Dentistes du Luxembourg (AMMDL) who will be happy to help you with any inquiries regarding medical or dental practices. They can also help you if you are looking for English-speaking doctors.

Friends or colleagues

Additionally, a great way to look for doctors is by asking your acquaintances or colleagues. That way, you automatically learn more about their practices and get feedback on the results of treatment. With many international professionals in the medical field, you might even find those speaking in your language.

Remember to check reviews when choosing a certain doctor or dentist so you can gain more of this useful information about what to expect. You can do it using websites, and your network, or, if you speak Russian, you can join our Telegram chat with expats to ask for advice or feedback on a doctor.

Here is a short checklist you may need when choosing a dentist in Luxembourg:

  • Make sure that the doctor you choose is accredited by the CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé);
  • Take into account the doctor's availability and location, particularly if you require frequent visits;
  • Look into reviews and recommendations from other patients;
  • Verify the doctor's spoken language, and find a translator if needed;
  • If you have a particular medical condition or require specific treatment, seek out a doctor who specializes in that area, using right filters.

Dental visit in Luxembourg

After you have chosen a doctor that suits you best, you can make an appointment fairly easily.

It is essential to first get in touch with the doctor — both doctors or dentists have their contact information on their websites or on aggregators.

Therefore, you can contact them usually either through a telephone number or email, whichever communication method you prefer.


Some services allow making online appointments, like Doctena. You can create an account and always have the information about the visit by hand: with the application, that is available in Google Play and App Store.

Be ready to provide your personal information, and insurance number and list the reason for your appointment. You may need to specify whether it's for a routine check-up, a specific dental issue, or a cleaning.

After the confirmation from the healthcare professional, the last thing left to do is to confirm the agreed-upon appointment for the date, time, and location.

Some papers you may want to bring with you for your first visit are:

  • If you have health insurance in Luxembourg, remember to bring your health insurance card to the appointment;
  • A valid photo identification (ID card);
  • Don't forget to create a list of all medications you are currently taking, including their dosage, and bring it with you to the appointment;
  • If you have any previous dental records, like x-rays or treatment plans, it's better to bring them with you to the appointment.

However, the best thing to do is to ask and check with your specific dentist what they require you to bring upon your visit.

Dental services available in Luxembourg

Dental services in Luxembourg offer a wide range of procedures, from routine checkups to complex oral surgeries. Here are just a few of the most common services offered by the country's dentists and orthodontists in Luxembourg.

Regular checkups and ultrasonic cleanings

Typically recommended twice a year to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Cavity treatment

If decayed tissue is found, it is usually removed, drilled out, and the tooth is restored in order to prevent further decay.

Corneal root canal treatment

When the dental pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or inflamed, the pulp is removed and replaced with a dental filling.


When a tooth cannot be saved, it has to be extracted.

Dental implants

These are used to replace missing teeth with artificial dentures that look and function like natural teeth.

Orthodontic treatment

Retainer braces and other devices are used to correct misaligned teeth.

Professional whitening

The procedure whitens teeth that are not white enough naturally or improves the appearance of stained teeth.

Additionally, the treatment is often associated with accompanying manipulations such as scans of the skull, impression-making, etc. They are usually not included in the price of treatment, so make sure to check that beforehand.

Standard dentist Luxembourg prices for common dental treatment

Prices for dentist services in Luxembourg can vary greatly in cost, depending on the process itself, the professional you are being treated by, and whether you have insurance or not.

Prices for dentist services
Dental serviceEstimated price
Routine examination and cleaning100 euros
Cavity treatment50-150 euros
Root canal treatment200-250 euros
Dental implant1500-3000 euros
Orthodontic treatment1500-5000 euros
Teeth whitening300-500 euros
Teeth removal50-150 euros

The dental service cost typically covers a series of procedures, including anesthesia, and other related manipulations. But not always.

The best thing to do is to check by contacting your dental care provider directly or checking with your health insurance provider. They should be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs and how they are determined.

You may also want to consider checking with the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS), the national health insurance agency in Luxembourg. They are responsible for regulating and overseeing the pricing of healthcare services, which includes dental services.

You can visit their website to learn more about dental coverage or contact them directly for further information: phone number is (+352) 27 57 - 1. With their knowledge and expertise, they can help you better understand the cost of dental services and how to navigate the healthcare system in Luxembourg.

Public and Private dentists in Luxembourg

Public and Private dentists in LuxembourgIn Luxembourg you can choose between public and private dentists.

Public dentists

These specialists are the ones that are covered by the health insurance package provided to you. Residents also have the option to acquire supplementary private insurance to cover expenses and treatments that are not covered under the state healthcare plan. It usually just adds up some sum to the monthly payment, that you will have to cover.
In Luxembourg, dentists can operate independently but still also collaborate with the government to provide dental services that are covered by state insurance. As a result, the majority of dentists in Luxembourg offer both private and public dental care.

Private dentists

A significant number of Luxembourg residents, including expats, often choose private health insurance to cover dental expenses, that are not covered by state insurance. Some portions of the cost of regular treatments are still not eligible for reimbursement. In case you have some complicated dental problems cases, you can prepare for long treatments by establishing private insurance.
If you have private health insurance and plan to visit a dentist in Luxembourg, it is recommended that you confirm the services provided by your dentist, establish their associated costs, and verify if your private insurance policy covers these expenses.

Dental emergencies

Broken tooth? Severe toothache? Swelling, bleeding or infections in your teeth or gums? If you are experiencing any of these, you are probably in need of immediate dental help.

If you are dealing with sudden tooth pain or a dental emergency, finding a qualified dentist in Luxembourg to address your concerns can be crucial for you. It can be made easier with the help of easy-to-use websites, which we will mention here.

What is considered to be an emergency case when we talk about dental services:

  • Dental fracture;
  • Pain;
  • Abscess and infection;
  • Toothache;
  • Lost filling;
  • Broken prosthesis;
  • Loss of a dental prosthesis;
  • Wisdom tooth eruption;
  • Moving teeth.


If you require urgent dental care in Luxembourg, DentalBy is a user-friendly website that can help you quickly locate a dental office in your area. Unforeseen dental emergencies can result in considerable discomfort, but contacting an Emergency dentist in Luxembourg can help you receive the essential treatment needed to relieve your pain.This site also provides feedback on dentists in Luxembourg from the patients, but most importantly, it can help you filter the dentists by communes. In emergencies, it is rather useful.


With an extensive selection of clinics available, you can effortlessly find an emergency dentistry location that caters to your specific requirements. Whether you need to replace a broken tooth or are experiencing other dental complications, there are numerous dentists in Luxembourg in your area who specialize in emergency dentistry and can provide the care you need.

You can call an ambulance for dental emergencies. If you need help at times when hospitals are closed, call 112, and they will direct you to the on-call dental practice.

Reliable approved dentists in Luxembourg

Here are some possible contacts for dentists for emergencies and standard dentist visits near you in Luxembourg. Most of their offices work on usual working hours: from 8 a.m. to 6-7 p.m.

Make sure to always make an appointment before a visit, even if you just want to ask a question.

You can make an appointment with Doctena, or use the phone numbers listed in the table.

Useful contacts
DoctorAddressPhone number
Dr. Charles Albi2 rue de Drusenheim L-3884-SCHIFFLANGE LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Maud Algranti20 rue de Bitbourg L-1273-LUXEMBOURG-HAMM LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Peter Alt50 rue des Pépinières L-6645-WASSERBILLIG LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Balle Rainer60 av. François Clément, Munneref, Luxembourg+352 26 67 25 00
Dr. Violeta Bartalis-Claus33 avenue J.-F. Kennedy L-1855-LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Raymond Beck11a avenue de la Porte Neuve L-2227-LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Magali Becker4 rue du Commerce L-3450-DUDELANGEN/A
Dr. Pierre Gall6 rue du Faubourg L-4120-Esch/AlzetteN/A
Dr. Jörn Philip Kessler40 rue J. Gutenberg L-1649-LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Myrjam Muller35 Op der Heckmill L-6783-GREVENMACHERN/A
Dr. Frank Philipp Nothdurft35 bd. de Verdun L-2670-LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Didier Richard29 rue Albert 1er L-1117-LUXEMBOURGN/A
Dr. Bogdan Rotta1 rue Enz L-5532-REMICHN/A

Additionally, in case of a dental emergency, it is useful to note that the dental services at the Luxembourg Hospital Centre (CHL) in the city center opens on Saturday at 2 p.m. and closes at 6 p.m. on a Sunday. This can be a possible solution for dealing with the emergency too, especially during the weekend.

Children's dentists

It's crucial to acknowledge that children, much like adults, are often suffering from dental issues too, and as a result, there are experts who specialize in offering oral healthcare services exclusively for this age group.

For children, regular checkups are recommended every 6-12 months, as their oral system is developing and it's important to notice when something is wrong.

Caroline Lm, Unsplash
Caroline Lm, Unsplash

Since children tend to be highly sensitive to dental visits, a positive initial experience is essential in building a trustworthy and harmonious relationship between the child and the dentist, and in preventing future fear or phobia of dental procedures.

All dental services in Luxembourg for children are covered by health insurance. A 100% reimbursement is guaranteed for all expenses regarding needed treatment. Children do not require health insurance for themselves. They are automatically covered by health insurance from their parents.

Meaning, in case you don’t have public health insurance in Luxembourg as a parent, you must obtain a private insurance plan to cover your child's dental needs. Various private insurers offer family packages at affordable rates that include routine checkups and treatment expenses for children.

Expenses and the reimbursements of the same for child's dental treatments in Luxembourg
Regular checkups Prostheses — Crowns, teeth implants or bridgesTreatments for braces — fixed and/or detachable
100% reimbursement100% reimbursement100% reimbursement

When dealing with kid's dental services, you must know that some terms can be very special for this area. First-time parents (and other parents too) can benefit from knowing the names of a few procedures, that are usual for kids' dentistry. Some types of pediatric treatments that are available and widely common in Luxembourg are:

  • ​​Fissure sealants— dealing with safeguarding children against dental cavities, preventing food debris from getting stuck in these areas and causing the formation of cavities;
  • Pulpectomy — dealing with milk teeth;
  • Restoration — dealing with cavity filling;
  • Fluoride application — dealing with teeth strengthening;
  • Orthodontics — dealing with anomalies in bone or dental development.

Where can you find a good dentist for kids in Luxembourg

Some professionals working in the field of pediatric dental, along with their address, specialization details, and services (if applicable, emergency services), can be found in our table:

Useful contacts
Dr. Elisabetta Vazzana 25c, bd Royal - Forum Royal entrée C - 6e étage, L-2449 Luxembourg-Centre VilleSpecialities: Aesthetic Dentistry - Dentist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish
Dr. Roxana Matracaru 7A rue de Bonnevoie, L-1260 LuxembourgSpecialities: Dentist - Orthodontist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French, Romanian Focus on ensuring stability, functionality, and an appealing appearance.
Dr. Ana Carolina Ramos Trabulo7A rue de Bonnevoie, L-1260 LuxembourgSpecialities: Dentist - Oral Hygienist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Dr. Sarah Gregor2-2a Rue Joseph-Leydenbach, L-1947 Luxembourg-KirchbergSpecialities: Dentist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French, German Curriculum in pediatric and adolescent dentistry, completed various advanced training courses regarding nitrous oxide sedation
Dr. Mercedes Rios Rodenas 41 Route De Longwy, 8080 BertrangeSpecialities: Dentist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish Exclusively deals with the care of children, from a very young age until the end of adolescence.
Dr. Joenice Chasme 41 Route De Longwy, 8080 BertrangeSpecialities: Dentist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French Focus on establishing a trusting relationship with kids, helps them approach treatment appointments as positive. The consultation first, in order to get to know the patient.
Dr. Camille Ducrocq 211, Rue Des Romains, 8041 BertrangeSpecialities Dentist - Paediatric Dentistry Spoken languages: English, French

Another emergency contact for both adults and children (that is especially important) can be found at Center Medico Dentiare of Luxembourg: they work all week long and can provide a variety of services.


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