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Sandweiler commune: an airport and green fields

In this article, we embark on a journey through the historical corridors, explore the vibrant population, weigh the pros and cons of residing in Sandweiler, dissect the area's transport accessibility, take a closer look at its infrastructure, and navigate the nuances of renting and buying real estate.

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Nestled to the east of Luxembourg City, just 5 km from the bustling center, lies the commune of Sandweiler. Bordered by the neighborhoods of Hamm, Cents, and Neudorf/Weimershof to the west, the commune encompasses the villages of Sandweiler and Findel.

General characteristics of Sandweiler commune

The commune encompasses the villages of Sandweiler and Findel. Findel, primarily known for its airport, also hosts facilities such as Luxembourg's detention center. In contrast, Sandweiler boasts a predominantly residential character with green spaces adorning its central areas. 

Population of the commune

As of January 1, 2023, Sandweiler's population stood at 3,751, comprising 1.84% of Luxembourg's canton and 0.57% of the national population. Despite its modest size of 7.73 km2, Sandweiler ranks 47th among Luxembourg's 102 communes in terms of population, placing it in the mid-range. Notably, 53% of the population consists of foreigners, a figure significantly below the capital's average of 70.44%.

of residents are foreigners
residents live in Sandweiler
square kilometers of territory
Sandweiler's population
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Transport accessibility

Sandweiler enjoys excellent connectivity through public transportation from Luxembourg City.

By car
Although Sandweiler is slightly distanced from the city center, traveling by car is swift, taking only 15 minutes to reach the downtown area or the central train station. It's also conveniently close to the Kirchberg business district, with most locations reachable within 10 to 15 minutes.
By bus
Sandweiler is well-connected by buses, with various routes heading east or to the airport stopping in the city. Notable bus lines serving Sandweiler include 421, 411, 406, 455, and 401. The bus journey to the center of Luxembourg takes just over 20 minutes.
By bicycle
 While the neighborhood is situated at a distance from the capital, cycling is a viable option, albeit taking around half an hour. This mode of transportation may appeal to the more fitness-oriented or those in good shape.
By train
The Sandweiler-Contern train station, located just a 5-minute drive from Sandweiler, is served by Line 30, providing a convenient and efficient rail link to the region.

You can check in detail all the transportation options on transportation page of the Sandweiler commune or get detailed instructions to get from one point to another on and its route planner.

Renting and buying real estate

Sandweiler presents an appealing real estate landscape with competitive prices. Purchase prices stand at 7,515 euros/m², notably below the capital's average of 11,427 euros/m².

Similarly, rental rates are attractive at 23.49 euros/m², significantly lower than the capital's average of 29.65 euros/m². Whether considering buying or renting, Sandweiler provides a cost-effective option compared to the broader Luxembourg City real estate market.

For buying the average price is 

7,515 euros/m2
in the Sandweiler
11,427 euros/m2
the capital's average

For renting the average price is 

23.49 euros/m2
in the Sandweiler
30.72 euros/m2
 the capital's average

Applications, search, and profound advice in our guide to renting

Infrastructure of the commune

Sandweiler, though a small city, boasts a surprisingly diverse range of amenities, surpassing expectations for a commune of its size. With numerous shops, including ALDI, Smatch supermarket, fishmongers, bakeries, restaurants, and bars, residents enjoy convenient access to various services. 

Notably, the city stands out for its extensive sports infrastructure, featuring football and tennis facilities, squash courts, badminton, and a sports hall. 

A major upcoming development near SNCT is set to enhance the city further, with plans for over 90 residences, 2,000 m² of commercial space, and 3,500 m² of offices, scheduled for release next year.

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Pros and cons of living in the Sandweiler commune

Today, an increasing number of residents choose Sandweiler for its close proximity to Luxembourg City. The commune seamlessly blends urban vibrancy, residential tranquility, and commercial activity against the serene countryside backdrop. One major positive aspect is the significantly lower housing prices compared to the capital, making it an attractive option.

On the downside, despite excellent bus connectivity to the capital, prospective residents must weigh the allure of tranquility and natural beauty against the convenience of mobility needs. Sandweiler suits car owners seeking a serene environment, while those without personal vehicles may find it more or less convenient based on daily commuting requirements.

Another drawback is the proximity to the airport; the continuous passage of planes at relatively low altitudes can pose noise inconveniences. Ultimately, Sandweiler emerges as an appealing choice for those seeking a picturesque and peaceful residential setting, with considerations for individual mobility preferences and tolerance for aviation-related noise.

Pros and cons
Proximity to Luxembourg City
Unique blend of urban vitality, residential tranquility, and commercial activity
Attractive housing prices compared to the capital
Need to balance tranquility and natural beauty with mobility convenience
Suitability depends on personal commuting needs, especially for non-car owners
Noise inconveniences from the nearby airport

What can you find in this commune?

Despite its modest size, the commune features a robust infrastructure, including post offices, banks, pharmacies, medical services, daycare facilities, supermarkets, bakeries, and notably, one of Luxembourg's few independent fishmongers.

Sandweiler School, source: Sandweiler website
Childcare center, source: Sandweiler website
Piwitsch Nursery, source: Piwitsch website
Op der Houscht Playground , source: Spillplaz
School Playground, source: Spillplaz
Sandweiler Cultural Center, source:
Médiathèque "Um Weier", source:
Tennis Club Sandweiler, source: Tennis Club Sandweiler
Schools, creches, and education
Cultural centers
Parks, nature places and kids playgrounds
Sports infrastructure
Shopping and restaurants in the commune

Historical overview

Sandweiler's rich history traces back to Roman times, evidenced by remnants of foundations and tiles from a Roman villa south of the village. The name "Santwilre," the precursor to Sandweiler, first appeared in the founding document of the Munster Abbey in 1083. The commune's territory, once more extensive, included surrounding areas like Scheidhof, Hamm, and Cents. Over the years, changes in administrative divisions occurred, and some localities were annexed or transformed into autonomous communes.


Territorial question

During the 19th century, the fortification of Luxembourg City impacted Sandweiler, leading to territorial adjustments. Notably, in 1873, Hamm became an autonomous commune. In 1939, Kaltgesbrück and Steppchen were incorporated into Sandweiler. Efforts by Sandweiler and Niederanven prevented the annexation of Findel Airport's territory to Luxembourg City. The post-1945 period witnessed the expansion of Sandweiler through residential developments like "Am Eck" and "Réimerwee".

The transport artery of Luxembourg

Sandweiler's strategic location provides easy access to Luxembourg City, highways connecting to all of Europe, and amenities such as the train station and airport. The village evolved from around 800 inhabitants in 1945 to 3,751 in January 2023. Today, Sandweiler continues to transform into a modern, environmentally conscious commune, offering diverse services while preserving the charm of Luxembourgish heritage and traditions.

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