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How to become and work as pharmacist in Luxembourg

Pharmacists are a vital part of the national healthcare system. In Luxembourg, pharmacists have a range of competencies and responsibilities. This article delves in the pharmaceuitical jobs in Luxembourg.

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Embarking on a career as a pharmacist in Luxembourg opens doors to a dynamic field within the healthcare sector. Unlike some professions, not all jobs are created equal, especially when it comes to health-related roles with stringent regulations. Working as a pharmacist in Luxembourg involves additional requisites due to its healthcare nature.

What do the statistics say?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the landscape for pharmacists in Luxembourg, our journey begins with a deep dive into the profession's statistics. As of June 2022, Luxembourg boasts a modest count of 98 pharmacies, a seemingly low figure when compared to its European counterparts and neighboring countries.

Number of pharmacies in Luxembourg in 2022
20 534
Number of pharmacies in France in 2022
18 461
Number of pharmacies in 2022 in Germany

However, it's essential to consider Luxembourg's small size when making these comparisons. Simply juxtaposing the number of pharmacies with larger nations wouldn't provide a fair assessment. To gauge a more accurate picture, we must examine the pharmacy density per 100,000 inhabitants. A study from June 2022 reveals that Luxembourg still lags behind, with only 15.6 pharmacies per 100,000 residents.

Pharmacies in Luxembourg
Source: Conseil de la concurrence

These statistics, though seemingly discouraging, do not imply that establishing or working in a pharmacy in Luxembourg is economically unattractive. Rather, a plausible explanation lies in the presence of outdated and stringent legislation. Recognizing this, the Conseil de la Concurrence has urged the government to expedite the approval of a law facilitating the free establishment of pharmacies, and the Minister of Health has acknowledged ongoing efforts to establish new criteria for granting pharmacy concessions.

This shift in regulatory approach suggests a promising future for the profession. The easier establishment of pharmacies on the horizon signifies a potential increase in available pharmaceutical jobs in Luxembourg. As Luxembourg modernizes its regulations, the outlook for aspiring pharmacists becomes brighter.

Requirements to work as a pharmacist in Luxembourg

Having navigated through the statistical landscape, let's now dive into the essential aspects: the requirements for working as a pharmacist in Luxembourg. Our exploration will encompass visa prerequisites, necessary qualifications, language requirements, and the mandatory license for practicing this profession in Luxembourg.

Visa requirements
Recognition of foreign qualifications
Required language skills
The required license to practice

Luxembourg pharmacist salary in 2023

When delving into pharmacist salaries, Luxembourg stands out favorably, with incomes generally surpassing the European average. A pharmacist's salary in Luxembourg varies based on the role and experience. 

As a starting point, pharmacist salaries range between 2604 and 6848 euros gross per month. For pharmacy managers, the scale extends from 2967 to 8257 euros gross monthly. These figures highlight the lucrative nature of the profession in Luxembourg, making it an enticing destination for pharmacists seeking competitive compensation.


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