A new law will make finding job faster for immigrant families

The Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs is developing a bill that would equalize certain rights of third-country nationals and EU citizens. In particular, this will affect access to the labor market. Thus, family members of third-country nationals will be able to get a job as soon as they receive a residence permit.

A new law will make finding job faster for immigrant families

What the fundamental difference will be? Currently, employers in Luxembourg must undergo a mandatory procedure for finding an employee in the EU. If there is no suitable candidate, they can hire someone from outside the Union.

With the new law current algorithm will be no longer relevant. And the newcomers will be eligible for positions in Luxembourg companies right away.

There is however an important detail. This would only be allowed in the case of a family reunification residence permit.

The law has already become the subject of criticism. The main complaint is that the process of obtaining a residence permit can take several months. During this time, companies may find a more convenient employee and miss the foreign candidate.

Another problem lies in severe problems with housing and its cost. Potential employees might be deterred by this, and they might prefer a country with easier standards of living.