Collective leave begins today

On July 28, thousands of workers in Luxembourg's construction industry will begin their collective vacation. For some workers, like Manuel Cardoso, it will be a time when they risk losing their jobs. But for most construction workers, it will be a well-deserved vacation.

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The workers' holiday lasts until August 20, but there is a rule that the collective holiday can be postponed in case of urgent work. This year, 157 organizations requested an exemption, and 104 requests were approved. Last year, there were 168 requests and 132 approvals.

It should be noted that 16 of this year's requests are in the area of plumbing, heating, and ventilation. Such requests are resolved only with the delegation of the workers themselves. This means that no institution can approve or deny such a request.

20 requests came from organizations that did not belong to the construction sector. These companies were engaged in interior decoration and other types of work.