It will be easier for expats to get a job

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It will be easier for expats to get a job

During a plenary session, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved Bill No. 8227 the previous evening. It changes the existing labour market regulation and facilitates access to work for newcomers to the country.

This new law makes it easier for third-country nationals (including accompanying spouses and applicants for international and temporary protection) to access the labour market in order to keep Luxembourg's economy competitive by keeping and recruiting talented people.

Once the law goes into effect, expats with a residence but not a work permit will be able to get a job. However, there will be one restriction for them: they will only be able to work for a period of 90 days.

Another significant change will affect family members who come to Luxembourg under the reunification program. Currently, they need their own work permit. This can take several months. As a result of the changes, expats' family members will be able to work immediately upon arrival in the country. This change has been expected for many years.

Orders have already been given to the National Employment Agency (ADEM). In order to provide foreigners more access to job vacancies, it will have to simplify the hiring procedures. It is possible that the current system, in which the ADEM first looks for a candidate on the local market, then on the European Union market, and only then in countries outside the EU, will be simplified.

Students are also affected by this change. Recent graduates and researchers will now be able to stay in Luxembourg for a period of 12 months after completing their studies or research.

Last but not least, there will be an updated regulation regarding the employment of undocumented workers. This should be a contribution to the fight against slave labour. Moreover, increased benefits will be available to all beneficiaries of asylum and protection.

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