Grand Duchy lawyers have difficulty paying bills

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Grand Duchy lawyers have difficulty paying bills

The cliché about a rich lawyer in Luxembourg is still quite unfair, although most of them do earn a lot. In an attempt to find out the true state of affairs and put an end to any speculation, the Luxembourg Bar launched a survey in 2021 on the well-being of registered law practichioners. About 1100 out of 3100 lawyers in the country have answered the questions.

Of those who took part in the survey, almost 20% said they «experience difficulties in paying their professional and personal expenses,» said Valerie Dupong, former president of the Luxembourg Bar Association. The reasons are insufficient or irregular income, which makes it difficult to pay rent, social security contributions, tax advances, VAT, etc.

Valerie Dupong clarifies that this is primarily about young lawyers who do not yet have financial reserves and have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. “Many find it difficult to establish themselves,” she adds. All while there is also a tangible majority that has a large income, is financially stable and well provided for.

That’s one of the reasons the Luxembourg Bar Association has just opened a wiretap department to help lawyers. The President of the association is now informed of litigations or summons against the lawyer, for example for banking, social security or VAT reasons. “We realized that more and more cases are being brought against lawyers who can no longer pay their bills,” notes Valerie DuPong.

Also, the Bar Association has sent out a circular to ensure that self-employed lawyers receive at least the qualified minimum wage. “We encourage people to come to us immediately when difficulties begin, and not wait,” adds the Bar Association.

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