Luxembourg doctors: why specialists are always in demand

Luxembourg doctors: why specialists are always in demand

For a long time, the shortage of doctors in the Grand Duchy has been outlined. In 2012, the Association of Medical Students (ALEM) made a disappointing forecast. According to it, about 2/3 of the doctors will retire within the next 10-20 years. Well, we've started to see what was predicted.

In fact, doctors in Luxembourg are more in demand than ever. Not only for junior doctors, most of whom are cross-border workers but also for qualified doctors. One of the reasons is the hesitation of medical students to return to Luxembourg after their studies.

According to one practitioner, the Grand Duchy's problem is a lack of flexibility and the prevalence of administrative delays over actual effective management. Dr. Marc Schiltz, who wanted to return to his homeland three times but stayed in Belgium because the hospitals in Luxembourg could not understand what kind of specialist they needed, explained this.

On the other hand, opening a medical faculty could prove counterproductive. The first students will graduate this year, but their future colleagues believe that training only in Luxembourg will be harmful to the sector. The country is too small to give students an insight into the full range of diseases, let alone train specialists in specific areas.

Doctors also believe that the international exchange of medical knowledge is what will help the industry grow and reach new heights in terms of research and treatment of diseases.