Public and private sectors compete for specialists

Public and private sectors compete for specialists

Luxembourg lacks about 3,800 artisans. This figure is 20% higher than in 2019. Without them, the implementation of many of the state's plans is in question.

This is a regular problem that starts with education. Craft professions stopped being considered prestigious a long time ago, which reduces their popularity among young people.

Because of the shortage of craftsmen, the state is forced to lure workers from private companies. They are well-paid, but businesses can rarely compete with the conditions the state offers. This can be a threat to the survival of businesses.

There are still solutions left. First, more craftsmen should be hired from abroad and the process of recruitment and legalization should be made easier for them. Second, the state should cooperate with the private sector rather than compete with it. Possible alternatives would not only help solve the problems but also allow businesses to keep their staff.