A new train route may appear in Luxembourg by 2035

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A new train route may appear in Luxembourg by 2035

A possible direct line will appear between Luxembourg and Saarbrücken. Cross-border workers from Germany have been waiting for this for a long time. At the moment, the only way for them to get directly to the capital is by bus.

A long discussion has been going on in the public about the necessity of a branch line between Luxembourg and Germany, similar to the French and Belgian lines. The Minister of Transport François Bausch mentioned in a recent interview that such a connection is possible, and options are being explored with German representatives.

Connecting a branch line running through Metz with the German transport network is one of the ways to resolve the issue. However, this requires both sides to agree and participate, as well as a major upgrade of current routes. If all goes well, the new transport will start running by 2035.

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