A wolf might be stalking Troisvierges

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A wolf might be stalking Troisvierges

This story story began with the corpse of a sheep discovered by a farmer. The condition of the body clearly indicated it was mauled and killed of a large predator. However, due to the fact that the carcass was lying in the rain for two days already, it was no longer possible to make a qualitative analysis. In addition, local foxes joined the feast, spoiling the genetic material.

However, residual marks revealed the presence of wolf saliva. The conjecture was confirmed by a service dog that smelled the remnants of the wolf's tracks. Nevertheless, it is not yet possible to give exhaustive information on the number of wolfs (if there are more than one) and their location. The farmer will still receive compensation from the state — 75% of the value of the animal lost to the predator.

Important tips that will keep you safe if you meet a wolf in the wild:

  1. This animal is strictly protected throughout Europe and must not be harmed.
  2. The wolf is an important component of the ecosystem.
  3. The wolf is actually cowardly and rarely interacts with humans on its own.
  4. If you met a wolf, you should not run away or go towards him. Instead, you should call out to it, call it or wave your hands. This is usually enough to scare the animal away. If this does not work, slowly leave the animal's territory, avoiding direct gaze.
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