Another teenage girl goes missing in Luxembourg

Another teenage girl goes missing in Luxembourg

Police are looking for the 14-year-old Lily Abertine. As well as any witnesses with information on her whereabouts. The teenage girl disappeared on Friday evening. Since then none of her relatives or friends have seen her. Lily was last seen in Mamer. This is the second case of a missing teenager in Luxembourg in a month.

The height of the missing girl is around 160-170 cm, her physical build is slim. At the time of her disappearance, she was most likely wearing a black sweater, white sneakers, and gray sweatpants. Lily also has braces on her teeth.

If you have information on the possible whereabouts of Lily Abertine, please contact the Luxembourg Police by calling 113. According to the police, Lily is most likely in or around the city of Luxembourg.

Just a few days ago, the police have announced that a teenage girl, 15-year-old Mara Filipa Pereira Lopez, had gone missing in the Grand Duchy. Relatives have not been able to find her since July 18. But the police became officially involved in the search much later, on July 28. Fortunately, the girl was found shortly after the news resources published stories on the disappearance.