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Amazon as an employer in Luxembourg — jobs and culture

Amazon, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has a significant presence in Luxembourg. Known for its innovation and customer-centric approach, Amazon offers jobs in the Grand Duchy, attracting talent from all over the world. In this article, we will look at what makes Amazon a top employer in Luxembourg.

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Amazon is the second-largest employer in Luxembourg, a milestone reflecting years of growth and evolution in the country. In 2023, the e-commerce giant celebrated 20 years of presence in the Grand Duchy.

Amazon in Luxembourg and Europe

Amazon started operations in Luxembourg in 2003 and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in the Grand Duchy. Since starting operations in Luxembourg, Amazon has become the country's second-largest employer and has made significant investments in Luxembourg, bringing in more than 6.6 billion euros between 2010 and 2022.

Amazon in Europe
Amazon in Luxembourg

Some numbers

permanent employees in Luxembourg
new positions created in Europe in 2021

Amazon as an employer in Luxembourg

Amazon is not just a commercial giant in Europe and Luxembourg; its success is built on the foundation of its dedicated employees. The company places a high priority on supporting, promoting, and assisting its workforce in various ways.

In recognition of its commitment to employee development and well-being, Amazon has been certified as a Top Employer 2024 in Europe by the Top Employers Institute. This certification acknowledges organizations that prioritize their employees through exceptional HR policies. At Amazon, all employees receive competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package that includes retirement savings plans and health, medical, and life insurance.

Amazon’s main office in Kirchberg, source: Amazon

There are several offices located in Luxembourg

38 Av. John F. Kennedy
46b Av. John F. Kennedy
26/28 Rue Edward Steichen
22 Rue Edward Steichen
16 Rue Edward Steichen
13 Rue Edward Steichen
Open positions for the office jobs at Amazon

You can see the vacancies at the official website of Amazon, as well as on other platforms offering jobs in Luxembourg.

Amazon offers a range of positive policies and high-value programs for its employees

Diversity and inclusion
Support for women
Free training

With such supportive policies and programs, it's no wonder if you're eager to join the team. In the next section, we'll explore Amazon careers in Luxembourg and the various job opportunities available in the country.

How to get a job at Amazon in Luxembourg?

Looking to join Amazon in Luxembourg? Here we’ll see key areas where the company hires professionals, tell you where to find these job listings, explain the application process, and share insights into Amazon's recruitment, to help you navigate your path to a career at Amazon Luxembourg.

Job opportunities at Amazon Luxembourg

Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, is renowned for its extensive logistics centers requiring numerous professionals in this field. However, e-commerce is just one of Amazon’s many facets. With its headquarters in Luxembourg, Amazon offers a variety of job opportunities across multiple domains beyond logistics.

More than 300 positions in the country

As of May 2024, Amazon has 339 job openings in Luxembourg, spanning areas such as IT, finance, HR, marketing, legal, and customer support.

Logistics at Amazon
The company seeks logistics professionals, including operations managers, supply chain analysts, logistics specialists, transportation coordinators, and warehouse supervisors. These roles are essential for optimising operational efficiency, managing inventories, coordinating shipments, and ensuring effective global product distribution.
IT at Amazon
Another significant arm of Amazon is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides a wide range of cloud services. The company needs many IT professionals, such as software engineers, solutions architects, cloud security specialists, data scientists, and product managers.
Finance at Amazon
With its headquarters in Luxembourg, an important European financial hub, Amazon offers numerous job opportunities in investment management and financial services.
HR at Amazon
Opportunities include recruiters, HR consultants, and compensation and benefits managers.
Marketing at Amazon
Roles in this area include marketing managers, digital advertising specialists, and market analysts.
Legal and Compliance at Amazon
Amazon looks for corporate lawyers, compliance specialists, and policy and government relations managers.
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Where to look for a job and how to apply?

The best place to start your search for Amazon jobs in Luxembourg is directly on Amazon's dedicated careers website. There, you can filter by location to see only the available positions in Luxembourg. Additionally, you can apply other filters such as job type, department, and job level to find positions that best match your profile.

Another platform to find Amazon job openings is LinkedIn. While the job listings are the same, LinkedIn offers additional tools such as seeing which of your connections currently work at Amazon or how well your profile matches a job listing. With a LinkedIn premium plan, you can gain extra advantages like comparing yourself with other candidates who have applied for the same job.


Given the wide variety of positions at Amazon, ranging from operational roles to high-responsibility managerial positions, the recruitment processes can vary greatly. However, most recruitment processes include some of the following elements or phases.

1️⃣ Submission

The first step in the recruitment process is submitting your application. Unlike many other companies, Amazon does not require a cover letter; submitting your CV is sufficient.

2️⃣ Interviews

If your profile catches the recruiters' attention, you'll likely be called for an initial interview. If successful, you may go through several more interviews. In addition to typical questions about your background and experience, Amazon interviews often include behavioural questions where you'll discuss past situations and challenges you've faced and how you handled them. Depending on the role, you may also need to undergo technical interviews.

3️⃣ Assessments

Amazon prioritises hiring and developing the best talent. Besides interviews, Amazon uses online assessments to get to know you better. These assessments are designed to measure key characteristics necessary for success in a specific role. Depending on the position, you may be asked to complete an assessment during the application process or separately afterward. The type and number of assessments will depend on the role, and some may need to be completed within a specified timeframe. The two most common types of assessments are work style assessments and work sample simulations.
For more details about the recruitment process, interview tips, and additional information, you can visit Amazon's dedicated page on this topic.

How much can one earn working for Amazon?

Salaries at Amazon vary widely depending on the type of job, ranging from minimum wage for entry-level positions to nearly 200,000 euros for top executive roles.

To get an idea of the salary range for different positions, we can refer to Glassdoor, a platform that provides salary information based on anonymous submissions from current and former employees. Here we present some positions and their salaries for an overview.

Salaries at Amazon in 2024 per year
PositionSourcesLower range wageUpper range wage
Finance Manager40101,000 euros134,000 euros
Senior Product Manager8894,000 euros130,000 euros
Online Marketing Manager770,000 euros95,000 euros
Software Engineer5270,000 euros97,000 euros
Data Scientist1869,000 euros89,000 euros
Vendor Manager1069,000 euros89,000 euros
Program Manager18763,000 euros90,000 euros
AML Compliance Analyst862,000 euros70,000 euros
Business Intelligence Engineer8162,000 euros90,000 euros
Compliance Manager1058,000 euros83,000 euros
Financial Analyst5156,000 euros78,000 euros
Supply Chain Analyst1355,000 euros75,000 euros
Project Manager2854,000 euros79,000 euros
Business Analyst7253,000 euros65,000 euros
Recruiter2353,000 euros65,000 euros
Marketing Specialist947,000 euros55,000 euros
Recruiting Coordinator940,000 euros51,000 euros
Translator838,000 euros40,000 euros
Software Engineer1530,000 euros52,000 euros
Stocks for employees

In addition to base salaries, Amazon, like many other companies, offers additional benefits in addition to salary, which vary depending on the position. One notable benefit is Amazon stock, which can be a substantial part of an employee’s total compensation package in some cases. These stock options may be granted as part of an initial compensation package or awarded over time based on tenure with the company.


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