Claude Turmes: voluntary measures are enough for saving gas

The Minister of Energy presented plans to reduce gas consumption in the coming months.

Claude Turmes: voluntary measures are enough for saving gas

In the winter of 21/22, Luxembourg has already managed to reduce gas consumption by 6.1%. This is still far from the 15% declared by the EU, but there are already prerequisites for the plan’s successful implementation. According to Claude Turmes, voluntary measures will be enough to reach this goal.

The minister is clearly hinting at the previously proposed heating recommendations. However, this issue affects not only households, but also enterprises, municipalities and the state itself. The government also asks all participants not to limit themselves to saving one energy resource only. Residents should also think about electricity since it’s directly linked with gas.

Steps in this direction have already been taken. Earlier, Luxembourg has decided to reduce aesthetic outdoors lighting, especially for the Christmas holidays. This will help lower electricity consumption at the state level by 10-20%. Municipalities can also save up to 20% if they take the same measures.

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